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Women’s march 2

The Truly Nasty Women’s March


Scores of American women are feeling outraged, demeaned, exploited and embarrassed by the vulgarity and hyperbolic rhetoric on display during the recent women’s marches in defiance of Donald Trump. If this is what has become of the women’s movement, you can bet that most American women want no part of it.

The original and righteous corpus of the women’s movement in America was a quest for equality in terms of voting rights, economic opportunity, legal protection from physical and emotional domestic abuse, along with freedom from discrimination, misogyny and sexual objectification. That was all fine and good; however, what was on display on Jan. 21 was something altogether different.

The women’s movement has morphed into a twisted caricature of itself. I believe part of the problem has to do with the mistake of confusing equality with sameness, i.e., there is a huge difference between a woman’s goal of being considered equal to a man versus the desire to be the same as a man. The fork in the road that led the movement off a cliff came by way of the sexual revolution, the pill and on-demand abortion.

The women’s movement unfortunately became one and the same as the demand and goal to be liberated ostensibly from the consequences of sex, as are men. Free sex meant sex without consequences. The ardent feminists have since wielded the right and means to avoid pregnancy as the bulwark of equality. The quest for sameness has resulted in an aberration, in that the modern women’s movement has lost the distinction and the destiny unique to women. This resulted in nothing less than the devaluation, destruction and death of the maternal instinct, a distinguishing natural characteristic of women, and the ultimate safeguard of family, children and therefore civilization.

The women’s movement has since been hijacked by a cast of characters who have set the movement back on its heels. For instance, Hillary Clinton, who along with the modern-day feminists, stood by her man Bill even though he is a philandering, misogynistic, serial adulterer if there ever was one. Then there is Madonna, who has marketed herself throughout her career by means of gross self-sexual exploitation and objectification. Another leader of the march served prison time for having tortured a gay man. Or, how about the radical feminists who maintain that all sexual relationships with men constitute rape? Finally, you have women like the UCSB professor who now defend pornography — the ultimate objectification and exploitation of women as sexual objects — if all women are paid equally for their work.

My personal favorite takeaway from the Women’s March had to do with the Sharia law-loving co-chair of the event who would have us believe that the march could simultaneously represent the rights of women, gays and Muslims. Of course, Sharia law treats women as property, tolerates young girls forcibly married off to perverts, and inspires barbarians to throw gays off rooftops in the name of the all-merciful Allah.

First published at the Santa Barbara News-Press.


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