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Speak English, Tell the Truth, and Other Ways to Restore the Republic


Here are a few commonsense suggestions. How about we give them a try?

On the topic of foreign aid, let’s stop giving other countries our money until they stop killing our friends. This will either drastically reduce the money we waste, or dramatically improve the safety of our friends. Perhaps both.

Let’s make a buck or two while risking our lives for others. If we’re going to be the world’s policeman and station our troops within other countries’ borders, let’s have them pay for it – really pay for it: food, housing, salaries, retirement benefits, the whole ball of wax. They stop paying, we bring the boys home. After all, it’s our lives at risk for their benefit.

Let’s stop paying for research on global warming that assumes its own rigged results before the research is actually performed. No more circular reasoning at taxpayer expense. This will mean climate change will become subject to real science, not propaganda wish-fulfillment. And just watch the fraudulent scare stories evaporate.

Let’s stop calling men with penises “women” and similarly stop catering to the host of psychological disorders of people unhappy with, confused about or just plain in denial over the chromosome distribution they were born with. If you want to show compassion to the sexually befuddled, help them accept the truth. When in the history of mankind has anything been made better by denying the truth about it?

Let’s eliminate taxes for everything other than legitimate government services: police and military to suppress evil and punish evil-doers. Anything else that somebody wants done, let them raise the money privately or charge user fees. You’ll find out quickly how much (actually how little) people are willing to pay for. In the meantime, taxpayers across the board will be enriched by keeping most of their own money.

Let’s stop immigration to the United States until we are entirely satisfied each and every person we let in doesn’t subscribe to ideologies incompatible with our ideals. That would exclude people who believe in beating their wives, mutilating their daughters’ genitals or imposing Sharia law.

While we’re at it, let’s make English speaking, reading and writing the law of the land, certainly for people who want to come here from other countries. That alone would be a big step toward everyone just getting along.

How about no more voting unless you can prove who you are with a photo ID, just like when you board an airplane? If a solitary anonymous person is a threat to a couple hundred airline passengers, how much more of a threat are thousands upon thousands of anonymous people to our nation?

As long as we’re on the subject, let’s stop allowing dead people to vote by purging all voter registration records after every election, and requiring every voter to register again – in person – before the next election.

Let’s not allow government to enforce regulations until they’ve followed their own regulations, and that includes giving us a report on what those regulations are supposed to accomplish and how much they will cost. This law’s been on the books for decades. Let’s finally follow it. It also would give Congress an opportunity to kill the regulations outright during its review.

Let’s build a huge wall at our southern border where people just stroll across now without being challenged. Do this by employing the same logic former President Barack Obama used when he ordered a wall built around his new Washington D.C. home.

Let’s stop letting soft-headed sympathy and bleeding liberal hearts be the measure for admitting unknown foreigners into our country. Instead, let’s operate our country the way even soft-headed bleeding hearts live in real life – by not letting strangers into their homes.

Let’s no longer pay attention to the mainstream media’s rants about fake news until we can trust the news they report. This is not only going to take a long, long time, but every lie and slanted news report they publish and broadcast delays that day even further.

Let’s take the 10th amendment as it was intended, and allow states to control their own destinies rather than permit the federal government to dictate one-size fits all for all 50. To show we mean it, let’s encourage California to secede. In fact, I’m happy to contribute a few dollars to the cause. Now that’s foreign aid I wouldn’t object to.


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