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Lawlessness and the Edge of Anarchy


At the end of the first week of the historic presidency of Donald Trump, we have witnessed the obscene Women’s March, protests against enforcement of our southern border, and defiant threats from Democrat mayors in sanctuary cities.

Network news media have been exposed perpetrating a number of lies, from misrepresenting the inauguration crowd size to denying the existence of voter fraud and publishing phony polls.

The angry protests are both a natural and understandable human response to restriction, and a radical irrational reaction to simple enforcement of the rule of law.  By refusing to enforce immigration law, the Obama administration created a new entitlement–the right to invade the United States and steal public services from the American people.

The so-called “Affordable Care Act,” which is neither affordable nor an effective government provider of heath care, has left millions of people with the false idea that they are entitled to medical treatment at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.  It has also left millions of Democrat women believing that they are entitled to taxpayer-funded abortions, at any time and for any reason.  Others have been guaranteed sex-change operations and even though these entitlements are illegitimate, many insist that they continue to be provided.

Worse by far, is the outright defiance of U.S. immigration law by Democrat mayors of sanctuary cities who are refusing to cooperate with federal officials in locating and capturing illegal aliens who have committed crimes against their citizens.  This again, is the direct result of Obama’s lawless administration. The American people must demand that this anarchy be crushed.

While active lawlessness is primarily limited to the Democrats, both political parties are responsible for allowing it to thrive. Republicans have been unwilling to crack down on sanctuary cities fearing negative media reports, and tolerance of lawlessness is always interpreted by children and liberal adults as tacit approval.

Our news media has been complicit in hiding the numerous executive orders through which Barack Obama violated the U.S. Constitution and his oath of office, by failing to protect the American people from known threats.  Even local media are refusing to report the legal status of criminals who cause vehicular homicides, sexual assaults and murders in American cities and towns.

Donald Trump has demonstrated that Hollywood and the news networks are just a bunch of schoolyard bullies who, once confronted, collapse like a cheap tent in a thunderstorm.  Just a few words from the president, and ABC reported on the March for Life for the first time, well, ever?  In his interview with ABC’s David Muir, Mr. Trump mentioned that “the March for Life will be here [in Washington] in a few days, but you won’t report that one.”  And just to prove him wrong, they did.

Those of us who watched the news media destroy President George W. Bush though lies, false implication and distortion of the facts, may have worried whether President Trump would survive their deceitful tricks.  So far, he seems to be more than a match for the best of them.  But don’t expect the media to change their modus operandi.  They have become accustomed to the political gamesmanship in which their ultimate objective is to take out the enemy–anyone who opposes the vacuous liberal agenda.

Because the left’s lawlessness has spread like a cancer throughout the states and cities of the nation, it’s imperative that we all work to root this insidious political corruption out of every dark corner and from every government institution.  The Democrat party owns the anarchy, belligerent rebelliousness, and the childish immaturity that has been on public display since November 8th.  Responsible adults who have the most invested in our nation must ensure that the rabble are forced to wear their iniquity like a hat.

It should be undeniable by now that America’s fifty-five-year foray into radical liberalism has been a complete and utter failure at every turn.  Progressive policies have wasted trillions of dollars and cost millions of human lives.  They have driven the nation backward calling it “forward,” exalting depravity and covetousness and denigrating righteousness and justice.  Contrary to the arrogant belief of the liberal, there will never be found a new vital way to make old futile policies feasible.

America’s political contest is being shown for what it is–the timeless struggle of good versus evil, life versus death, righteousness versus wickedness, law and order versus anarchy and chaos.  The first great step toward the triumph of virtue is the bold declaration that our cultural division is a spiritual battle.  On that ground, the upright cannot lose as long so they show up.  Let the people rejoice!


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