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The Holocaust: A Brazilian Jew Misdirects Criticism of Conservatives


Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when the world stops to remember the Holocaust and is victims: 6 million Jews murdered by Nazis.

Osias Wurman, who is the honorary consul of Israel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, rightly said, “If a rebuilt Jewish State had existed, in the 1930-40s, this genocide would have never been accomplished.”

Then he added, in the Brazilian newspaper O Globo:

“Today, more than ever, it is necessary to warn the world public opinion about the dangerous change of course rightward that has been ravaging Europe and some nations in the American continent. A global poll, held in 2014, found that 46% respondents had never heard about the Holocaust!”

Mr. Wurman makes an impossible comparison. He seeks to equalize the conservative change of political course in Europe and probably in the United States with indifference to the Holocaust. In a worse tone, he has said that this change is “dangerous,” and he talks about the need to warn the world against the change rightward that is “ravaging” Europe and probably the United States.

In fact, the same left-wing militants who see “danger” in the rightward change have been accusing U.S. President Donald Trump of being Adolf Hitler. Do all the Jews agree with the Left? No. In an interview to WND (WorldNetDaily), Anita Dittman, who lived through the Holocaust as a Jewish girl in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s, has a message for those who think Trump is the American Hitler, on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day. “When they say he is another Hitler, they are crazy,” Dittman told WND.

Mr. Wurman seems to support the Left. But the European and American Left has consistently opposed the State of Israel. If, as Mr. Wurman implies, the existence of the State of Israel is important to avoid a Jewish genocide, it follows that the Left wants such genocide.

Meanwhile, the “dangerous” conservative change, especially energized by evangelicals, brought Donald Trump, who has clearly shown his support to Israel. In fact, some months ago, the Sanhedrim asked Trump and Putin, who is also a conservative, to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The Sanhedrim would never be comfortable at making the same request to left-wing leaders.

By helping rebuild the Temple, would Trump and Putin be encouraging people to forget the Holocaust? What “ravages” and “dangers” could their conservative actions bring?

I concede that there are some individuals in the Right who adhere to dangerous and even anti-Jewish stances, even if discreetly. In Brazil, where Mr. Wurman lives, some quarters of the Right have been influenced by an esotericist who is anti-Marxist and an advocate of the strange idea that the Inquisition was a myth and legend. He denies the Inquisition in the same way Muslims and neo-Nazis deny the Holocaust.

Hitler, whose political propaganda was anti-Marxist, was seen as “right-wing,” but actually he was an esotericist who would have had no difficulty to deny the Inquisition.

Yet, Mr. Wurman has not exposed or denounced the Inquisition advocacy in the Brazilian Right. He has occupied himself with fanciful threats: he has denounced the alleged danger of a Right in America that is supporting Israel!

Trump has a Jewish son-in-law and he has been a friend of Israel. So Mr. Wurman’s disturbed criticism is misdirected. It should not be directed indirectly to Trump and other conservatives. It should be directed to leftists in Europe and America, who are helping the Islamic invasion in their nations, at the expense of the security of the Jewish citizens, because most Muslims hate Jews and love Hitler. Mein Kampf, Hitler’s autobiography, is a bestseller in Islamic nations in the Middle East.

And Mr. Wurman’s disturbed criticism should be directed to deniers of the Inquisition, because to deny the Inquisition is like to deny the Holocaust. It is to deny that Jews were innocent victims of systematic persecution, torture and murder.

There is no justification for Mr. Wurman to accuse indirectly Trump or other conservatives, who are being attacked by the Left.

But there is much justification for him to accuse rightists whose pro-Inquisition stances are not lambasted by the Left and the Right.

Portuguese version of this article: O Holocausto e as críticas mal direcionadas de um judeu brasileiro contra conservadores na Europa e América


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