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President Donald Trump signs H.J. Res. 43

Stellar Miscalculation of the Left


Just this week, Donald Trump signed a number of executive orders in full view of the public, that his political enemies on the left and in the media will have trouble opposing. In most cases, the orders simply reverse Obama administration policies that were enacted in secret, and which the media failed to divulge.

President Trump ordered the removal of needless regulations that had been holding up the construction of the Keystone and the Dakota Access Pipelines, he has suspended the State Department’s refugee program pending formulation of an investigation procedure which Trump calls “extreme vetting.” Refugees from Syria will be suspended for 120 days while those from Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Iran will be halted for 30 days pending review.

America’s new president has ordered the construction of the wall along the U.S. border with Mexico–a measure passed by Congress in 2006 with the approval of Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, and Diane Feinstein. Even Chuck Schumer supported the Secure Fence Act. Trump has also ordered an end to the Obama policy of catch-and-release approach to illegal immigration.

President Trump has said that he will order an investigation into widespread voter fraud. News networks have long voiced skepticism of voter fraud despite evidence from Pew Research and undercover video released by Project Veritas that demonstrate the insidious size and scope of the problem.

Democrats and the left are finding themselves in veritable political quicksand. The Women’s March, hailed as a demonstration against ill-treatment of women, was ostensibly a response to crude private remarks made by Donald Trump years before he decided to run for election. But rather than garner support for the celebrity-led rebellious women, the vulgar speeches repulsed many women and men. Many of those in attendance who claimed to be so offended by Trump’s statement, brought their children to the sexually-explicit and profane rally at the Capitol, subjecting them to even more raunchy speech, thereby diluting the credibility of their own objections.

Since so many Obama policies were antagonistic to the security and welfare of the American people and are receiving massive public support, Congressional Democrats will find it difficult to mount an effective opposition to them. For now, Democrats seems to be content to voice their loudest objections to repeal of Obamacare, known by the misnomer, Affordable Care Act. But since Democrats in both houses of Congress failed to read the 1200-page bill before voting to pass it, and publicly lied about its contents afterward, their long-winded disputations lack any substance or veracity.

In decades past, the mainstream media could have come to Democrats’ aid, but having squandered their own credibility throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, they have lost their influence to other, more reliable information sources. Their failure is not likely to dissuade the media from attempting to destroy President Trump and Republicans by distorting the facts, and we have already seen proof of this with the fake photos of the inauguration crowds. Their effectiveness has been greatly diminished.

For all of their talk about “democracy,” the American people are quickly learning that the Democrat party has imposed anti-America policies upon the people in direct opposition to the will of the majority that they pretend to represent. With every new media scam, fake news story, and snarky disrespectful question directed to Donald Trump, the influence of the news networks continues to shrivel.

ABC’s White House correspondent and Obama-cheerleader, Jonathan Karl, was unable to contain his feigned outrage when reporting that Trump favors reinstating water-boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques for terrorists. Trump reminded people that Muslim terrorists are beheading Christians–a fact that the media and Democrats habitually ignore.

In his interview with President Trump this week, ABC’s David Muir resorted to the same hostile approach network “journalists” customarily rely upon when interrogating Republicans. But Muir’s efforts all failed and his own dignity fell to the ground with a dull, sickly thud.

When Muir asked Trump if he’d heard the voices of the protesters at the Women’s March, Trump said he had not. But Trump then turned Muir’s own scheme back upon him by mentioning the Pro-Life March that was coming and reminding viewers that the media networks do not cover it. By the end of the interview, Muir was visibly battered following behind that president like a spanked schoolboy.

Donald Trump has given Democrats and their subservient news networks so much material with which to create controversy, that they cannot adequately distort it all in a single 30-minute program.

The implosion of Hollywood leftists, George Soros-funded protesters, and network media notwithstanding, President Trump seems to be enjoying himself with the full knowledge that a majority of Americans is squarely behind him. It appears that the era of lawlessness and economic failure is coming to a welcome and humiliating end.


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