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Another Great Victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship

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Another great victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship which has the Good News Clubs for children in [grades] K – 5 all across this country.

Mat Staver: This is a great victory, Holly. It’s from Leavenworth, Washington — Washington state — in which Child Evangelism Fellowship, which has the after school Good News Clubs, and it’s also community-based as well. They now are able to continue to distribute their promotional fliers to children from kindergarten through 5th grade at the Cascade School District.

They were allowed previously to do so, but one person, one parent complained that sending home the Good News Club flier with the students was using the public school system to promote religion. Even though the flier has a disclaimer that says that this is a privately sponsored organization and it is not funded by the school district.

And, as a result of that one complaint, the school officials stopped the communications vehicle of Good News Clubs. and when you can’t communicate that you even are there, you’re not going to have young people and the parents won’t have the choice…



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