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crush progressivism

What We’ve Won: A God-Given Opportunity to Crush ‘Progressivism’


It was significant that the very first act of Donald Trump’s new presidential administration, literally within seconds of his swearing-in, was to delete from the White House website every single mention of Climate Change/Global Warming/Whatevuh.

What does this mean?

It may take some time to sink in, but it means a lot! It is the axe taken to the root of secular utopianism. It is the tanks rolling into town and chasing out the barbarians.

Global Warming, aka we’re-all-gonna-die-unless-we-give-the-government-absolute-power-and-all-our-money, very early on became a Leftist/Globalist political project worldwide. It was aimed at eventually imposing a world government, run by leftist schmucks, on the entire human race. Just look at who’s been pushing it, all along, and you’ll know everything you need to know about it.

But it is also part of something bigger. Saving The Planet From Climate Change is genetically akin to the transgender movement and other loony liberal causes: the whole idea of special individuals having the power–and the authority, backed up by the violence of the government–to define reality. Suddenly Schmendrick is not a man anymore, but a woman without a vagina. And if you don’t give lip service to his delusion, your friendly “human rights” commission will smash you.

God has given us an opportunity, a genuinely God-given opportunity, to crush and bury “progressivism” once and for all. They can’t carry out their vast global enterprises without the United States. And now, by God’s grace, there is suddenly a president in America whose example will encourage opposition everywhere.

Shame on us if we wimp out of finishing the work!


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