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Trump Inauguration Day

Great New Day — Tired Old Tactics


The day that so many Americans have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Barack Hussein Obama is gone and Donald J. Trump is our president and our nation’s champion.  Every inauguration day is packed with the weight of history and tradition, in which the events are structured to reflect the enormity of what is taking place.   

In his inauguration speech President Trump stated what many Americans have been longing for years to hear.  He stated that Washington insiders have enriched themselves at the expense of the citizens they are supposed to serve.  He promised that his administration would return control of the government to the people it is intended to serve.  He also said that he would always put America first in issues of foreign trade, immigration, economic renewal and taxes.  President Trump pledged to defeat I.S.I.S as well and to renew our international alliances.

But network media coverage forced us to remember that for the Left, the 2016 presidential campaign is not over and may never be.  On a number of occasions during the inauguration, ABC News political consultants could not resist sinking into bitter Democrat partisanship repeating the distorted CNN poll that claimed that Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration approval rating is lower than any of the past three incoming presidents.

CNN’s poll claimed that Barack Obama’s approval rating was 60% as he was leaving the office, and that Trump’s was only 40%, despite the fact that during the 2016 campaign, the overwhelming majority of Americans believed that the country was heading in the wrong direction.  No doubt, these are the same pollsters who told us that Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide instead of losing in one.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz complained about Trump’s “attacks on the media,” referring to the press conference in which he spoke out against CNN’s false news story that implicated him and his friend and attorney, Michael Cohen in disgraceful behavior.  It’s puzzling that Raddatz considers the rebuke of fake news, an attack, but the lies perpetrated by media deserve no mention.

There were many references about division and Trump’s need to “reach out” to Democrats without a solitary mention of Barack Obama’s divisive Apology Tour or Hillary Clinton’s lies and false accusations that President Trump is a sexist, racist, and “homophobe.”  ABC’s Cecilia Vega reported, “While we are watching, some people will be watching in fear.  He called Mexicans ‘rapists,’” she said.  This too, is a lie, but Democrats and their media allies have repeated it without clarification for over a year and a half.

ABC News blames Donald Trump for beginning the “birther movement.”  This too, is false.  Questions about Barack Obama’s natural-born status began with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008, and were advanced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who filed a lawsuit to keep Obama off the ballot in Arizona.

Despite ABC News’ quip, No drama Obama, and incessant claims that there were “no major scandals” during the Obama administration, the truth tells a vastly different story.  Actually, there were at least 18 major scandals during the Obama administration, despite media efforts to ignore them.  Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Iran Nuclear Arms Deal, NSA Spying, and illegal immigration are just a few of the most egregious Obama scandals that the networks could not bury.

President Trump’s criticism of, “an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge,” has been validated by the numerous failed efforts to reverse the election.  News networks eagerly report the meaningless protests of Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Most of these are violent, public displays of hate, rage, and libelous accusations combined with acts of vandalism that are more akin to mass temper-tantrums than peaceful public demonstrations.   

Meanwhile, the dishonest media implies that the infantile tirade of 62 Democrat members of Congress who chose to sit-out the inauguration should provide ample evidence that voters made a mistake.  This is not new.  It’s the same tactic that left-wing Democrat anarchists used against Republican President George W. Bush.

Donald Trump’s pro-American policies are already being maligned as isolationist, and his references to patriotism, smeared as racism.  This will surely continue for some time.  But once his pro-growth, constructive policies begin to have a greater and more widespread impact on the national economy and security, the balance will shift and America will right itself again.

The growing noise and scattered violence should be viewed as the last gasps of ridding the United States of the legion of demons that have invaded the body of our nation.  The loudest cries will be the clear proof that the completion of America’s national exorcism of belligerence and failure is at hand.


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