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Fake Science Threatens Liberty and Freedom


Whenever a nation abandons truth as its standard, political opinion takes its place.  As more Americans are becoming aware of fake news stories presented as journalism, the impact of fake science must not be overlooked.  It’s important to recognize how the increasingly radical and godless liberal political worldview has become assimilated into nearly every field of American life.  Scientific research is no exception.

The opening of the current Virginia General Assembly session unearthed one spectacular example of the proliferation of fake science.  Nearly a dozen new legislative proposals are aimed at tearing down another social barrier that has been used to protect the innocent from the craven appetites of those who are not.

These bills all seek to inject “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into an assortment of public policies from hate crimes to employment regulations to public restroom and locker room ordinances.  Even now, lawless liberals are attempting to ram-rod a law that would compel clergy to conduct same-sex marriages over any conscientious objections they may have, and in direct opposition to their First Amendment freedom of religion.

In an attempt to garner support for this new brand of bizarre idiocy, the statement was made, “Scientists have discovered that gender is determined more by what’s between your ears, than what’s between your legs.”  In a rational society, such an outrageously ignorant declaration would be met with uncontrolled laughter, but we no longer live in a rational society.

Like sexual orientation, gender identity is a term invented by LGBTQ advocates and defended by the American Psychological Association(A.P.A.) as a way to give credence and scientific merit to what sensible people recognize as bizarre human sexual behavior.  New York City now recognizes thirty-one different gender identities, and fake science sources claim that there are as many as sixty-three.

In truth, there are only two genders and two legitimate gender identities.  As they frequently do, LGBTQ militants and their liberal political sponsors pervert language in order to slide poisonous ideas into the minds of unsuspecting people.  In this case, the deceivers use gender identity to describe unnatural and abnormal desires and behavior that they claim are deserving of civil rights protection.

Inclusion of gender identity in the list of officially-protected species represents a dangerous signpost on America’s freefall toward moral and social collapse.  Once the multitude of transgenderisms is enshrined in law, the floodgates of pedophilia and bestiality will burst upon our culture along with a tsunami of sinister sexual offenses.  These last two horrendous social diseases have been brewing just outside the wall of criminal law.

The obvious danger in adding gender identity to the list of people who must be protected by law, is that the rights of innocent healthy people and their children will instantly be put at risk.  LGBTQ radicals and their advocates at the A.C.L.U. and the Southern Poverty Law Center will undoubtedly use these new laws as weapons with which to destroy anyone who dares to oppose them or their methods of expression and to silence all public dissent.

It’s not possible for a government to afford special rights to some without sacrificing the legitimate rights of others.  The fundamental flaw in affirmative action policies and hate crime laws is that they circumvent the principle of equal protection under the law.  But where anti-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression go off the rails, is that they afford special consideration to certain groups based, not upon immutable characteristics, but solely upon their chosen behavior.

Christians and Christian businesses that refuse to capitulate to the forces of evil and their fake science allies are the primary targets in the gender identity movement because they alone, are holding the frontline of sexual wholeness and human dignity that most others have abandoned.

No longer is it possible to sit on the sidelines in the battle for the soul of America.  But the good news is that “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world,” and victory is the only possible outcome when the Lord is in the battle.


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