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100 Days, 100 Tasks: A Look Ahead at Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump will have his hands full in his first 100 days as president.

One could potentially accomplish a lot in 100 days: lose weight, walk from New York to Los Angeles at a brisk pace or even write the U.S. Constitution. Those are just a few big victories and that’s what President Trump hopes for in his first 100 days.

“I think the first couple months for Donald Trump is going to be very intense because he wants wins. He wants points on the board,” predicted A.B. Stoddard of Real Clear Politics.

As a columnist for the political news and polling site, Stoddard knows what presidents face in this town. She says Trump is about to get a dose of congressional reality.

“He’s going to find that it’s not a board room and that you have to do some care and feeding of members of Congress or else you lose,” said Stoddard.

While the “to-do” list is fairly long, the priority of tax reform will be a complex task.

“It’s very, very tricky to try and take away any of the carve outs in the tax code. There’s a constituency and a lobby for every one and it’s been tried before,” commented Stoddard.

Trump has already talked infrastructure improvement and democrats seem willing to work with him on it.  Then of course, there’s repealing and replacing Obamacare.

“The conservatives that have been waiting for this since 2010 will demand this. This is year seven and they need some sort of action right away,” said Stoddard.

Evangelicals want results too: from the defunding of Planned Parenthood to Trump fulfilling his promise to repeal the Johnson Amendment, a controversial measure which muzzles pastors in the pulpit.

“Free speech is being taken away from people that are great people, from people that are saying good things, not bad things,” Trump told CBN in August of 2016.

But Trump’s biggest move could happen within just weeks of taking the oath.

“High profile Supreme Court pick. Crucial to everything? It sets the tone at the beginning. He’s got to come out strong there?” CBN News’ Chief Political Correspondent David Brody asked Stoddard.

“That pick, which is coming in two weeks once he’s inaugurated, is such an important beginning. Many voters voted for Donald Trump with a stomachache because they want a Supreme Court with three more conservative justices on it, at least one or two, possible three and that, to many voters was the sole reason for voting for Donald Trump,” Stoddard explained.

As the country waits for that name, Trump will be busy with pen in hand.

The plan: Reverse many of Obama’s executive actions and end many burdensome federal and environmental regulations.

The new president won’t need Congress to approve the Keystone Pipeline or leave the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that Obama put in place but lawmakers never approved.

Trump can also stop climate change payments to the U.N.

It’s a lot to keep up with, so sign up for Twitter because that’s where you’ll find the new bully pulpit of the presidency.

Because if the past is any indication, the new commander- in-chief Trump will break new ground by going directly to the people as Tweeter-in-Chief.

Report via CBN News


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