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Lincoln 1865 oath

Trump to Take the Oath on Bible Used by Abraham Lincoln and His Own Bible


The strongest oath is on the Bible, so it is tradition for U.S. presidents being inaugurated. Donald Trump is taking the oath on two Bibles: the same Bible used by Abraham Lincoln, along with his own family Bible.

Trump will take the oath on the same Bible used by Abraham Lincoln for his 1861 inauguration.

Additionally, he plans to take the oath on the Bible he was given by his mother when he graduated from Sunday School at First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, New York, in 1955.

Trump brandished his family Bible a few times on the election campaign trail.

“I really appreciate the support given to me by the evangelicals,” Trump said. “They’ve been incredible. Every poll says how well I’m doing with them.”

I do not know why Trump wants to take the oath on Lincoln’s Bible. Even though the Bible is always good, Lincoln had Marxist connections.

In the U.S., history, Lincoln’s Bible was used only in Lincoln’s inauguration in 1861 and by Barack Obama for both of his inaugurations, in 2009 and in 2013.

George Washington and other U.S. presidents, including Ronald Reagan, also had Bibles. Why has Trump made Obama’s choice, Lincoln’s Bible?

With information from the DailyMail.

Portuguese version of this article: Trump fará juramento em duas Bíblias: a mesma Bíblia usada por Abraham Lincoln, junto com sua própria Bíblia de família


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