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The Safest Gender Identity Is Truth


“Would you allow your daughter to go into the men’s bathroom?” So goes a provocative question on social media. But as with so many current debates, there is an enormous lie – “fake news” – embedded in this campaign.

Safety will soon be a hot topic again as Texas, Alabama and other states take up “bathroom bills” that restrict facility usage to biological sex.

The question is, should confused biological boys and men be admitted to women’s restrooms for their supposed “safety,” even if girls and women are at risk?

Whose well-being has higher priority – gender rebels or the gender secure?

On Facebook recently, a photography studio featured the image of a pretty little “girl” – or so it appeared. This child wore an inappropriate amount of make-up for a pre-adolescent, but then it became clear why.

“She” is a boy, cosmetically enhanced so viewers would accept him as female. In yet another photographic documentation of child abuse, this social media campaign aims to desensitize Americans into condoning gender mutilation.

The headline asks the hysterical question, “Would you allow your daughter to go into the men’s bathroom?” But … this is no one’s “daughter.” He’s a son.

So after seeing this sweet little “girl” we are supposed to be horrified at such a prospect. “Of course not! She/he would be in danger!” That’s the knee-jerk reaction expected of uncritical thinkers.

The disinformation takes a moment to process, along with the alleged “urgency” of our cooperation.

This little boy is dolled up to appear to be a girl. We are supposed to be convinced it is an essential masquerade for this child. He can’t possibly live any other way, is the deception that must be swallowed.

And then, we are to imagine how horrible, how unfair, how vulnerable this boy-dressed-like-a-girl would be if “forced” to use the men’s bathroom – the facility for boys and males, like him.

Well, no, he should not enter the men’s room appearing this way. The likelihood of abuse is high. And so, to “protect” this child, many people will agree that he must be allowed to use the female facilities.

But the simple reality is: He doesn’t have to dress like a female.

This is how gender anarchy activists frame the situation. It’s a carefully constructed, diabolical stack of lies.

Alabama is about to introduce the Alabama Privacy Act, which will restrict bathrooms to male and female unless an on-site monitor is present.

Texas legislators recently took up a similar bill. But here’s what Hudson Taylor, an advocate for transgenderism in sports, said:

SB6 in Texas … would not make (a safe environment) possible. … A lot of these anti-trans efforts work under the guise of safety for women and children when statistically that doesn’t hold up. In reality, there’s way more trans women killed each year and states requiring trans people to use a different restroom creates an atmosphere that’s very overtly putting the trans community in harm’s way.

So numerous “trans women” are “killed” in restrooms each year? Where are the stats to support this?

And of course, in the rare instance where this occurs, it would be the punishable crime of murder – a justice social radicals tend to forget. Murder doesn’t go “unpunished.”

Yet we do have real and quite alarming statistics on the threat by men posing as women, either sincerely or as a predatory ruse. A video, “Women: Decide for Yourselves,” documents numerous criminal incidents of male-on-female attacks, voyeurism and violence after disturbed men accessed women’s bathrooms dressed as females.

The boy in this Facebook post will one day be desperately unhappy over the choices made attractive to him as a confused child, back when no responsible grownups were his guardians.

If that sounds harsh, consider the traumatic future that awaits this boy. Most likely, medications will cause permanent sterility. Surgical mutilation of healthy body parts may be in his future. A life of taking unnatural hormones that his male body is not equipped to process will attempt to complete the charade. He will carry a heightened risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other health complications because of meds his body does not need. And the psychological roller coaster will never end.

It’s completely phony, and it’s child abuse as well as drug abuse.

This boy’s suffering will be immense. Yet we, Common Sense America, are the ones who are labeled “bigoted, hateful,” blah, blah, blah. So the narrative goes.

But we hear this same rationale in every major bathroom access effort, and it was deployed in the photo shoot of this little boy on Facebook.

There is another obvious solution, one I’m sure you have discerned.

Don’t allow your son to dress as a girl and subject him to possible assault or molestation. And certainly, don’t both abuse your son and insult the intelligence of everyone else by insisting we cooperate with this madness.

Dress him as the boy he is, remove the makeup, and let him use the men’s room. And if he is deceived that he is female, get him to a responsible counselor – ideally, a Christian – who will guide him toward reality, the sooner the better.

Can we just stop with this nonsense? In response to these activists, please join me in saying, “No!” There’s one message they need to hear from as many of us as possible: Grow up, go away and come back into the public square when you gain an actual heart.

What keeps confused children safe? The truth is a good place to start. People become paranoid when they reside on shaky ground – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Living a lie is a very unstable place to be.

Yet the sexual left doesn’t seem to care about sanity or even preventing female assaults. They are too worried about possible assaults on pretend females that can easily be prevented.

How about if we just face the truth? As Jesus taught, it really does make us free.


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