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Trojan Horse

In Light of Fairy Tales and the Inauguration: Of Idioms and Idiots


The Farlex Dictionary of Idioms interprets “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as indicating something widely accepted as true or professed as being praiseworthy due to an unwillingness of the general population to criticize it or be seen as going against popular opinion. The idiom refers to the title and lessons of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale published in 1837 about two weavers who duped a king into believing his new clothes were invisible only to those who are unfit for their position, stupid or incompetent. Accordingly, everyone pretended the king was not naked to protect their reputation, except for a child who pointed out that the king wasn’t wearing anything at all. 
Let’s reflect on this story in the wake of this week’s celebration of Martin Luther King Day and the inauguration of Donald Trump. In this modern-day tale, the child will be played by Donald Trump and the king will be played by Rep. John Lewis.
Our new president, some people say, has the temperament of a child in that he says the first thing that pops into his mind, regardless of the circumstances or the consequences. On the other hand, we have a venerated congressman, John Lewis, who had the temerity to state that Mr. Trump’s presidency was illegitimate due to the influence of the Russian hacking meme. Mr. Trump responded to the insult with a challenge to the congressman to spend more time fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape, rather than falsely complaining about the election results, and that he was all talk with no results or action. 
Mr. Lewis owes his reputation to having marched and suffered with The Rev. Martin Luther King. I grant full honor and reverence to everything that was accomplished by way of the civil rights movement and all who were involved. What these men and women accomplished was truly remarkable and long overdue. Mr. Lewis was a leader in his own right and deserves full respect for what he did and how he suffered. Having said that, he does not get a free pass for the rest of his life, as if he became infallible because of what was accomplished 50 years ago, especially in light of what has transpired since.
I happen to agree with Mr. Trump that our inner cities are full of rot and despair and that Democrats like John Lewis are, in the modern day, all talk when it comes to fixing the problems that have plagued generations in these hell holes. Our first black president promised hope and change but instead only helped birth the fraudulent and divisive Black Lives Matter movement.
Moreover, the Democratic machine, and specifically the Congressional Black Caucus, can’t point to a single program or piece of legislation that has made a permanent and lasting positive difference in the lives of black Americans. The high horse they have been riding since the 1960s has, under their watch, morphed into a Trojan horse inflicting government dependency, crime, malaise and hopelessness to citizens in desperate need of authentic leadership.
First published at the Santa Barbara News-Press


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