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A Non-issue: Several Dozen Democrats Will Boycott the 2017 Inaugural Ceremony


The only thing American patriots should take away from the news media’s bleating about the inaugural boycott is that all the participants are Democrats and a good many of them are from California. The remainder are from safe states where they run little risk of losing in the next round of elections, as a result of their foolishness, and none so far are from the Senate (according to a recent report from Fox News’ Trace Gallagher).
California is the state that essentially gave Hillary Clinton her popular-vote majority, thus its prominence in this ongoing fiasco. The so-called “majority win” that will forever be suspect.
It is an inconvenient fact that many states stop counting uncounted absentee ballots and other votes after the Electoral College requirement is met by one of the candidates. Vote counting can be expensive, and it seems futile to continue to count when a candidate has already won. Especially given that the popular vote does not determine who wins the presidential race.
For all those who are eager to cast a cloud over Trump’s victory because he did not secure the popular vote, I say there is an equally dark cloud over Hillary’s claim to the popular vote. We don’t know how many people in total voted but were not counted. One could certainly speculate that had all votes been counted, especially absentee ballots, which generally favor Republicans because many are from military personnel, Trump might have won both the electoral college and the popular vote. We’ll never know.
As for the boycott, I doubt there is a patriot alive who cares if Democrats attend or do not attend the ceremony. We didn’t need them to get Trump across the goal line, and we sure as heck don’t need them for the award ceremony after the hard-fought victory. Trump has indicated he’d like to give their seats to Americans who want to attend but couldn’t get tickets. Great idea.
The media (and all of them have become insufferable in my view, including Fox News) are advancing the narrative that the brouhaha is a direct result of how Trump responded to John Lewis, a representative from Georgia. Representative Lewis, basking in a long-gone past of civil rights activities when he was young, can claim no stellar achievements since. He petulantly insists that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president-elect.
Representative Lewis falls into the paradigm I discussed in an earlier article. In the article, I stipulated that our nation is enslaved to a crippling defect in our national psyche, which makes reasoning people assume past noble deeds render some individuals immune to criticism for their current actions. I presented the example of Senator John McCain’s Vietnam War imprisonment in an enemy camp. His military record is dredged up every time a legitimate criticism is lodged against his legislative record or ideological positions he takes. McCain’s war experience has nothing to do with his legislative performance and should therefore not enter the discussion.
Representative John Lewis’ situation is very similar. Over half a century the racialist Left (as well as the opposition) have praised Lewis as an icon of the early Civil Rights movement. He has basked in that adulation, while doing practically nothing to advance Martin Luther King’s vision of a society where all are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. To the contrary, Representative Lewis embraced the racist, leftist Democrat agenda and ran with it.
He is now allowing himself to be shamefully used by the Left to derail Donald Trump’s presidency. His charge that Donald Trump holds no legitimacy to be president is pathetically ludicrous. He is now just another black man being contemptibly used by the Left, and the sad part is I doubt he’s even aware of it.
What I hope the Trump team and all those working with the president-elect will do is ignore the sinister media and other talking heads braying about the need for Trump to sit down with Representative Lewis to bridge their differences. The President elect has already tweeted that Lewis’ Georgia district has issues (higher unemployment and poverty rates than the state averages), and that he, Trump, could certainly use Lewis’ help in alleviating those negatives (something Lewis should be doing anyway, as an elected representative of his district). If Lewis refuses to work with Trump, so be it. The country is not stuck in a time warp as Representative Lewis seems to be; we are moving on.
President-elect Trump is under no obligation to pander to the nation’s enemies, even if they are masquerading as patriots with noble intentions.
I suspect that one day the Democrats and the Left in general will realize race-baiting does not fly anymore with patriotic Americans (of all stripes and ideologies). We are thankfully moving into an era where if it isn’t beneficial to America, we reject it: race baiting, anarchy from sex activists, unwanted immigration, acquiescing to Muslims and any other anti-American groups, and anything else that falls into the category of harmful to the survival of the Republic, as founded.
Those days of pandering and sucking-up are finally over. Patriots are now willing to fight the enemies within. And for this turn of events, I and many other Americans thank Almighty God.
© Sylvia Thompson


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