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Obama Final Weekly Address

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Fundamentally Changed a Country He Did Not Like


How can we assess the damage wrought by the Obama presidency?

It was evident early in Barack Obama’s administration that he was “achieving” things most Americans didn’t want to achieve. The knee-jerk reaction on the right was to claim this president was failing, that he wasn’t competent. Even amateurish. Books were written based on those themes. Yours truly read several of them.

But before long, it became obvious Obama wasn’t incompetent. He was in fact achieving precisely what he told everyone he intended to achieve: fundamentally change America.

When yours truly experienced that epiphany, this Obama Truism became blindingly obvious:

When you understand that he’s not on our side, everything he does makes perfect sense.

How else can you explain the litany of Obama catastrophes?

Obamacare, the “Affordable” Care Act, not only made healthcare insurance more expensive, it forced a “tax” on people who refused to pay the higher price. This is consistent with how the law was born: on a strictly partisan Democratic vote by representatives who incredibly admitted they didn’t know what was in the bill. Among the consequences, health insurance became not only more expensive, but fewer and fewer insurance companies offered it because they couldn’t make a profit even at the inflated premium prices. Some people might say these were unintended consequences. In light of the Obama Truism, yours truly suggests these outcomes were expected from Day 1 and fully intended by the president who wasn’t on America’s side.

Race relations, by any measure, have worsened under the first self-professed black president, whose mother was not black. Obama has fanned racial animus at every opportunity by his words, policies and through his henchmen. He sided unapologetically with the race-baiting industry, irresponsibly excused away hatred of police by advancing lies like “hands up don’t shoot,” and used his Justice Department and other branches of government to reward racial preferences, while turning a blind eye to the damage done. Unintended consequences? Give me a break.

The rule of law has staggered under Obama to the point that much of the next president’s and the new Congress’ work in the coming four years must be spent undoing what Obama did by his circumventing Congress and the Constitution with executive orders. Obama wasn’t even satisfied to play within constitutional boundaries with his centerpiece legislation, Obamacare. When his disastrous remaking of U.S. healthcare began to falter, as was inevitable, he used his pen and phone to waive select provisions for some Americans in order to keep Obamacare afloat. If you think the dead-on-arrival Obamacare wasn’t meant to fail to pave the way for a more all-encompassing socialized national health insurance, well, you missed the point of the Obama Truism: he’s never been on your side.

Despite Obama’s claim to having bolstered the economy, the end of his era sees a smaller percentage of Americans in the workforce than any time in nearly four decades, a vastly larger percentage of Americans on food stamps than ever before, lower median income for the middle class than when he took office, poverty at record highs, annual economic growth at historic lows, all the while adding nearly as much to the national debt in 8 years as it took 43 previous presidents 233 years to accumulate.

Domestically, under Obama there have been more terrorist attacks within U.S. boundaries than ever in our history. He has thrown open the border to a flood of illegal immigrants, granting them benefits that cost taxpaying citizens dearly; benefits that are denied worthy would-be immigrants who wait years to enter legally. Mass shootings have soared during this anti-gun president’s tenure, while law-abiding Americans’ right to defend themselves against growing lawlessness has been under assault from the White House.

By any measure, the world is in far greater turmoil after Obama than before him. The Middle East, which arguably was tranquil when Obama was sworn in, is now a festering cesspool of warring factions with death counts approaching half a million. Russia has returned as a U.S. antagonist, China is saber rattling and Islamic terror is sweeping the globe. America’s friends no longer trust us, while our enemies no longer fear America. Obama’s red lines mean nothing, and every nation knows it.

Largely as a consequence of Obama’s failed foreign policy, Europe is over-run with more than a million Muslims, too many of whom assault, rape and terrorize the natives. Obama has used the opportunity to ship thousands of these so-called refugees, who might better be termed invaders, to the U.S., sneakily depositing them in cities without local consent. Obama insists his government can vet these interlopers to weed out the dangerous ones, even as his own FBI says they cannot be vetted. The consequences are clearly not unintended. Obama knows full well what he’s doing.

Let’s not forget that Obama, whom we might call Mr. Anti-America, has been poisonous even to those who call him theirs: Democrats. During his two terms in office, there has been a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency. Did the Democratic Party in 2008 believe this would be the outcome? What did they think would be the result of trying to fundamentally change America? Democrats may think their losses were unintended consequences. But ask yourself: did Obama really not see it coming? Or did he know exactly what he was doing and judge it to be a fair price to pay for fundamentally transforming America?

In sum, Obama made America more divided, less tolerant, more vulnerable, less economically viable, less admired at home and abroad, more like a despotic autocracy and less like a democratic republic,

Speaking of politics, the divisions domestically have not been as exaggerated since the 1960s. At Obama’s prodding, historic conservative Christian viewpoints have become demonized as baskets of un-redeemables and bitter clingers to guns and Bibles. Ask yourself if this law school scholar in the White House didn’t anticipate that his characterizations would spur backlash. If you think he didn’t, you don’t give him much credit for being intelligent.

If you think he did see all this coming, you recognize the veracity of the Obama Truism: When you understand that he’s not on our side, everything he does makes perfect sense.


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