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A Last Word on the Obama Administration


The American people were both generous and patient with all those in the Obama administration for eight long years. Average Americans from all walks of life, even those opposed, tried to cooperate, tried to accommodate, tried to understand and remain supportive.

However, some were vigorously opposed from the beginning, detecting a devious and destructive spirit. It turns out they were right.

At every turn Obama and his minions insulted us, lied to us, manipulated us, and undermined us, working against our best interests.

They took radical environmentalism to toxic heights, turning loose a punishing bureaucracy, churning out ridiculous regulations lethal to a once great economy.

They ran up insurmountable debt, purposefully pouring sand in the gas tank. They squandered our resources, gorging themselves, insatiably pursuing their appetites and utopian fantasies, laughing at us as they picked our pockets.

Adding $9 TRILLION in debt, they chained our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to the burden of crushing debt that threatens the entire world economy.

They instigated rancor, encouraged suspicion, and created a thousand points of conflict, working to jack hammer the foundations of peace and unity, all with the help of a compliant media.

They presided over and encouraged huge increases in violent crime, injecting demoralization at every opportunity. They started a race war that may never end, calling open season on police officers, and turning the Dept. of Justice into a political arm of the Democrat Party.

They attacked and shredded our Constitution whenever possible, looking to replace our Republic with an oligarchy, willing to destroy liberty in the name of a new communist world order.

They imported hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unlawfully, allowing for a silent invasion of huge numbers of criminals and terrorists hidden within the ranks of innocent people they used as pawns.

They gave comfort to our enemies and terrorized our friends.

They allowed, even promoted, the proliferation of terrorism, war and nuclear weapons, calling themselves peacemakers. The world is aflame like never before with no end in sight.

They insulted and assaulted our military and law enforcement people: reprobates harassing the honorable. They defunded and maligned our volunteer warriors, abusing them again when they came home wounded and broken.

They funded the murder of babies in the womb and almost destroyed the greatest healthcare system in the world.

And they engaged every form of lawlessness imaginable, at this very minute, working to injure the President-elect and his new administration, for the first time in our history, a lame duck actually working against the peaceful transfer of power.

The verdict of history is sometimes slow in coming, but in this case, it has already been written—Obama and his henchmen: guilty of crimes against the American people and against all humanity, liars and lawbreakers, enemies within.

Thank God the long winter is over, and Spring is coming. Thank God the Republic lives, despite Obama and his allies.


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