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Radical Muslims Bombed a Coptic Christian Cathedral in Cairo

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Radical Muslims bombed a Cairo Coptic Christian cathedral — targeting Christians because they are Christians. But this is just one attack against people of faith, particularly Christians and Jews and other religious minorities.

Mat Staver: One of the individuals who went into the church after this bombing occurred, it was toward the end of the service, in Cairo, at a Coptic church, said, “I saw a headless woman being carried away.Everyone was in a state of shock. We were scooping up people’s flesh off the floor.”

The sights and the sounds, the smell are just unbelievable for those who were able to see these pictures. this horrible carnage of humanity.

Why were these bombs put in this church? Because they were Christians. This was on a Sunday. It killed a number of people. It was [done] by radical Muslims– better, devout Muslims that were carrying out radical jihad against Christians.

And you know, this situation is intolerable. It’s happening around the world. Liberty Counsel has a ministry called Liberty Relief International…



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