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New Trier High School Avoids Diversity Like the Plague


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Conservatives claim that government schools are in the tank for “progressivism” and that “progressive educators” lie when they claim to value diversity. There is no better evidence for those claims than the upcoming “All-School Seminar Day 2017” on Feb. 28 at New Trier High School (both campuses), which serves the affluent communities of Northfield and Winnetka, Illinois.

A perusal of the list of workshops being offered at this mandatory event reveals a Leftist dream for “education.” No need to travel to the next White Privilege Conference. New Trier parents can just send their kids to school for a smorgasbord of ideologically non-diverse seminars on “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights.”

Esteemed Chicago attorney Joseph Morris describes the seminar as “a rather bold and raw effort at hard-left propaganda with decidedly anti-American, anti-free-market, anti-family, anti-parent, and bigoted biases on display.”

In our quixotic quest for the holy grail of education–ideological diversity–let’s meander about the day’s agenda (click here and here) to learn about some of the workshops and speakers.


  • “Whose Civil Rights?: Transpeople of Color Navigating the U.S.”: “Civil rights are social and political freedoms that everyone in our society is supposed to have access to; however, because of socialization, bias, and discrimination, many trans people (particularly trans people of color) do not have access to these freedoms. In this session, we will explore the current cultural climate that enforces a gender binary and, therefore, forecloses civil rights for many trans people. We will examine how trans people are challenging and changing these systems.”
  • “21st Century Voter Supression” [sic]: “A group discussion about the methods and regulations used in the US to deny or limit the voting rights of various minority groups…..The main emphasis of the workshop will be how to recognize, identify, and combat modern voter suppression tactics. Attendees should come out with a few concrete plans or ideas to help address the problem moving forward.”
  • “Blackenomics 101 (The Movement, The Music, The Solution)”: “Rapper, entrepreneur, and activist, John the Author explores systemic racism in relation to building a black business and artist presence in minority communities.” I wonder what New Trier students will learn from little-known Chicago rapper who penned this little ditty about economics (my apologies to Mr. Author for any translation errors):


    Blackenomics nigga (repeat 8x)
    Black beat black, nigga
    Black beat black, suga
    Black heat black, nigga
    Take a back seat back nigga
    Not graduate from back
    Give back, nigga,
    Tell them get back, nigga
    Blackenomics nigga (repeat 8x)
    Black beat black, nigga
    Black eat black, suga
    Black heat black, nigga
    Take a back seat back nigga
    Not graduate from back
    Give back, nigga,
    Tell them get back, nigga

    VERSE 1:

    I seek to restore
    That’s why I opened the store
    That’s why I seek to rebuild
    ‘Cause I know they seek to destroy
    So when they look to the hills,
    That’s when I look to the Lord
    And when he tell me to kill
    That’s when I reach for my sword
    Die motherf*cker die
    I’m surprised that you’re still alive
    I heard you sold your soul a long time ago, but not I nigga, not I
    I’m a freedom fighter
    Need a lighter—no need cause I’m streakin’ fire, you can buy it from me
    All the lyin’ eye of tiger (?) I ain’t lyin’, come to my side you can try it for free
    Savor the taste, cause too much can endanger your taste buds
    Hope you niggas know what is and what ain’t love
    Cause if you don’t, then you can f*ck around and make love
    I’m from a city where we had a black mayor but they took his ass
    The public school system wasn’t built to last
    No equal opportunity or (?) to land on
    The only way we stand a motherf****** chance is if we break (?)


    VERSE 2:

    Blackenomics, that’s the logic, that’s the target
    That was not a threat at all, that’s a promise
    It’s apparent if you feel it, you will flourish
    If you don’t you will perish, incoherent
    Lost souls—you lost souls when you crossed over,
    Trying to pass like a gallstone
    Raised from the foster home
    Niggas lost hope when the walls broke
    They crucify me, but the cross broke
    Heavy is the head that wear the crown
    I don’t wanna be king, but I’m the only one ready for it now
    Cause all these other niggas selling out
    Individualism is all these mothersf*ckers yelling about
    Divide and conquer, white supremacy the silent monster
    I see you sneaking in the corner trying to have some karma
    We ain’t looking to know your honor
    No your honor we (?) problem
    The resolution is an economic revolution
    All in the name of retribution, you ready? Let’s do it
    They integrated then infiltrated through immigration
    The richest folk in our neighborhood ain’t even our neighbors
    They take the dollar back across town, don’t you dare tell me to calm down
    (?) mister doghouse
    We want it all now, it’s time to push ‘em all out—I’m ready to start now

    If this is what passes for education in one of Illinois’ best public high schools, imagine what kind of education our poorest performing schools offer.

  • “R.E.A.L.: Race, Equity, and Leadership – A Unique Course for High School Students”: Students will “Experience a snapshot of a unique high school course that is grounded in the Courageous Conversations Protocol. The “Courageous Conversations” protocol was developed by skillful race-baiter Glenn Singleton who exploits public schools to advance Leftist assumptions about how to think about race. I first encountered Singleton and his Pacific Educational Group when I worked at Deerfield High School, where seven one-day visits to District 113 to teach faculty and staff about their institutional racism and “whiteness” cost almost $100,000.
  • “Not a Day Has Passed”: Students will watch a slide show based on an article by Lee Mun Wah. According to his bio, Mun Wah is among other things “an…Asian folkteller, educator, community therapist and master diversity trainer.” I first learned of Lee Mun Wah’s “Stir Fry Seminars” when one of Deerfield High School’s premier “change agents,” Daniel Cohen, became a disciple of Mun Wah. Cohen, now an English teacher at Oak Park and River Forest High school, is listed as Stir Fry Seminar “facilitator-intern”:

    As a white man dedicated to anti-racist, anti-sexist work, Daniel works to recognize his own assumptions and biases….Daniel has come to realize that he carries his whiteness, his maleness and his heterosexuality with him everywhere.

    How dare he. Surely Cohen has learned from the Left that he can dump his maleness like a hot potato. And if he can do that, it should be easy-peasy to shed that politically-incorrect whiteness and heterosexuality that mark him indelibly as an oppressor.

  • “A People’s History of Chicago”: “In the tradition of Howard Zinn, A People’s History of Chicago is a poetic, progressive history that celebrates this great American city from the perspective of those on the margins whose stories are not often told.” For those who are unfamiliar with Howard Zinn, he was a far Left historical revisionist who wrote The People’s History of the United States, which is used in many high school social studies classes. Eminent economist Thomas Sowell said this about Zinn’s pseudo-history book:

    It speaks volumes about our schools and colleges that far-left radical Howard Zinn’s pretentiously titled book, “A People’s History of the United States,” is widely used across the country. It is one indictment, complaint, and distortion after another. Anyone who relies on this twisted version of American history would have no idea why millions of people from around the world are trying, sometimes desperately, to move to this country. The one virtue of Zinn’s book is that it helps you identify unmistakably which teachers are using their classrooms as propaganda centers.

  • “Western Bias in Science”: “Newton, Darwin, Curie…Can you think of a nonEuropean [sic] or non-American scientist in history? Come examine the western bias in science education, its sources and its implications, in this interactive workshop.”If the theme of the all-day seminar is race, why would all European and American scientists be excluded? Don’t students learn about African American scientists George Washington Carver and Mae Jemison?Moreover, by the end of high school, how many scientists have students learned about in depth? 12? 16? 20? Here’s a question for those rummaging for racism: How many of the 20 most influential scientific discoveries or theories in over 2,000 years of history were the accomplishments of non-European and non-American scientists? And let’s not forget that America and Europe together cover vast geographic territories and include wildly diverse cultures and ethnicities over this time period. Many important American and European scientists are also excluded from the short list of scientists about whom students learn.
  • “Developing Empathy & Acceptance by Reading Picture Books to Children”: “Come to the Northfield Library and read picture books to a group of children (ages 3-5). The picture books will focus on themes of embracing diversity…and social justice. Students will lead activities related to the books with the young children.” One wonders what picture books students will be reading to toddlers and who chose them? What forms of “diversity” will be depicted in these picture books?
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