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‘Ladies and Gentlemen…I implore you to pray’


For a number of reasons I took the last ‘sixish’ months off and just left the pen lying there on the table.

Back then, although overconfident cheeky liberals took to the airwaves with “snorty laughs,” racially charged riots and insults directed towards anything conservative, I knew that without a doubt, this election would prove one of two things:

1. If Hillary wins, we can brace for The End and know that beyond the shadow of a doubt voting makes about as much sense as Vanilla Coke


2. If Hillary loses, then we can see that The Establishment does not quite rule all of it, yet. Yes there is that opening between the belly scales of Smaug The Magnificent for us to still strike at.

As long as we are not being worked into some other devious plan involving ‘the powers that will and the powers that be’, there just may be some hope (fiscally at worst).

None of us really knows where Trump sits spiritually. Rumours in Christian circles spread like wildfire that Trump had sealed the deal with Jesus; he now had a legitimate faith story. Many of us grimaced, knowing what a convenient time in Trump’s campaign it was for him to suddenly “find Jesus.” But the fact that Trump didn’t openly announce his conversion (especially to evangelicals) as a reason for voting Trump, leaves us wondering if maybe something personal did happen between Donald and the Great I Am. Nonetheless, that is between Trump and Jesus, and at the very least Trump’s victory means one crucial thing for America:

No Hillary.

But as I mentioned before, Trump in office, is at the least, fiscally good for North America. To date, this will probably be his biggest business venture. And with the hum of his companies, somewhat vulnerable in the background, and his Trump name brand visibly on the line, we can be assured he will be gunning to make the history books as the turn-around-king. Which really wouldn’t be as hard as imagined. He basically has to take the US twelve inches ahead and he’ll have pulled the wheels off of Obama’s basket-clad pedal bike and rolled Ol’Barry into the Whitehouse rose bushes.

But Donald has pledged not just to get the US out of the septic tank, but to put Uncle Sam in an easy chair overlooking Mount Rushmore with a cool one in his hand (with it’s newly adorned Donald Face in full chisel).

Let’s make America great again!

But although America may be able to buy, buy, and buy more again one day, my good friend Donald Trump needs to avoid neglecting the disease, and not just focus on the symptoms. The US of A is not in the toilet, necessarily because of all the flakey politicians tearing and gnawing at the constitution, America is in this position because it brought a knife to a gunfight. Our battle is not physical; it is spiritual.

The ridiculousness.

The Gay Agenda has proven more than just about Steve and Earl sharing an Airstream bunk, it has lain the groundwork to challenge anything ‘orthodoxically’ Christian. Such ground gained by the ‘sexually challenged’ has allowed grown men (better known as bearded ladies) into the girls’ change room at the “Y” and prosecuted teachers responding to a physiologically “him”, when “him” wants to wear panties today and be addressed as “her”. We’re all shot if him/her decides to be a giraffe tomorrow. Past dictionary guru Noah Webster must be rolling over in his grave at the sudden vomit of definition challenges when concerning the farcical gender-association fiasco. And of course, Joe Christian just flipped the channel.

Hillary supporters; need I say more?

(I guess I better).

They usually have no idea of what she stands for, how crooked she was (going back to actual involvement in the infamous “Watergate”), how crooked she is (Benghazi, “Private” Email Scandal, unexplained deaths around her campaign reaching the double digits) and how crooked she has pledged to be. People still vouch for her.

You think the Tonight Show’s past Jay Walk identified a politically illiterate America? Just watch Fox News’ Watters World and watch political imbecility prance out on steroids. We are talking about the kind of people who could care less if Hillary is for the spread of Sharia Law inside US borders or is turning a blind eye towards her serial rapist Billy. Yes, that one is as bad as it sounds.

Minus the rotting flesh, such supporters are zombies. Allegorically their support is equivalent to that of dirty, gooey, worn-out underpants. They’d trade the lives of 100 starving children for a latte’ and a free download of Lady Gag(a) at “Buckies”. Such people are ‘consciousless’, callous and have led my South Korean friend to ask me if all people in America were so crazy.

But again, all such things are just symptoms. This is a spiritual battle. How could it not be? How many of us wake to media reports that just leave us scratching our head, wondering if we just heard that right? For myself, it’s almost every day.

The killing of unborn babies has been acceptable for decades and has been viciously protested as a “right”. The difference between my child and an unborn child is about six inches of flesh. That’s like taking a slab of bacon, putting it on top of a baby’s face and saying “You don’t exist”. Yes! This is how dumb the abortion argument is.

These are just some of the ‘mentionables’ that are telltale signs of a non-discerning, spellbound population of amoeba like beings.


People are in what I term some sort of delusion. It seems they are hypnotized or something. What should be common sense, is not. People are unable to distinguish between the reasonable and the ludicrous. Even without the belief in God (which for all intents and purposes destroys any unmoving foundational morality) reason has disappeared. Wasn’t it theoretical scientist Steven Hawking who declared philosophy as dead? Therefore if relative society declares crotchless pants as status quo, ‘drafty’ as they may prove, then this must be the norm (at least till butt-less shorts arrive in the springtime).

Making sense of it

The only thing that makes sense of such societal madness is the Bible.

Ephesians 6:12 reads:

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

That’s it folks. Nothing else makes sense of such blindness other than to see the people as they are: blind, hypnotized and serving satan. That’s the tougher part for people to grasp, that we who find ourselves spiritually blinded in this world, our master is actually satan. The arguments always go the same:

I’m a good person
I don’t serve satan
I don’t sit in a candle lit, chalked out pentagram trying to raise up the spirit of Anna Nicole Smith

But au-contraire my narcissistic little friend, by worshipping your own will, you therefore make an idol of yourself. Your “will”, henceforth, does battle with the “will” of God and remains in a blindness that smothers any ability to act out of unselfishness and to navigate to reasonable thinking.

I introduce to you: Prayer

Our answer to such blindness is to pray.

Yes, we must be vocal, and proactive. I am not advocating silence, because The Word commands us to put faith into action in numerous passages. We need to be in conversation with the blind; we need to be the squeaky wheel. Think of how homosexuals as only an estimated 1.8% of our population have cornered The Law.

But our true battlefield is on our knees. The bible is clear that when we try to deal physically with what are spiritually fuelled issues, we are wasting our time. We are bringing that knife to the gunfight.

I can’t pray for everyone on the planet!

I was lamenting to God concerning the child enslavement and Christian persecution throughout even our modern world. A feeling of hopelessness always ensues when I hear of the results of what satan is doing through his servants in this world today (especially when such plans are acted out upon children). How could we know each name; how could we pray for them when for the most part we have no idea who or even where they are?

It was then that I believe God whispered into my ear about starting to pray for governments and law enforcement.

Many governments have no plans to stop money coming into their country, be it even by child prostitution. Even if the governments have legislation against sex trafficking, it seems money changes hands at the levels of law enforcement (to turn a blind eye).

This is satanic to the core. And if trying to fight such evil by only physical means, we lose the battle and at most, slap a dollar-store Band-Aid on specific desperate situations.

Pray for governments.
Pray for politicians.
Pray for laws to change.
Pray for Law Enforcement.
Consider such praying as part of a massive carpet bombing of the enemy’s strongholds…and keep doing it.

The absurdity of this world will only keep getting worse as we get closer to the end. The minds and wills of the people are where the battles are either won or lost. These people need the mind of Christ.
Our only hope for liberation of this country and the freeing of consciousless starts with us on our knees defeating our spiritual foe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you to pray.


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