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Is the Trump War on the CIA (aka Assassins) Wise?


Need something to fret about? Try this:

Donald Trump apparently wants to downsize the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Remember the last president with similar intentions? After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK said he was going “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

Remember what happened to him?

JFK’s brother, Bobby, suspected the CIA was behind the assassination. (Remember what happened to Bobby?)

It’s true that others suspected the mob killed JFK, and still others thought it could be the anti-Castro Cubans, or the pro-Castro Cubans, or the Russians, or Big Oil, or even LBJ or possibly a freelance French assassin hired by one or some combination of those listed above. Lee Harvey Oswald, whose newest friend in Dallas was a Russian-born fellow with CIA connections, protested to his dying day that he was set up, “I’m a patsy!” And then he was shot dead in the police station (hmmm) by a guy linked to the mob. Nothing curious about any of that, do you think?

For what it’s worth, yours truly is persuaded that LBJ was in on it, but not the initiator. Johnson had a great opportunity to save his own skin and simultaneously fulfill his life’s ambition. He was on the verge of being indicted, along with his cronies Billy Sol Estes and Bobby Baker. (You could look it up) And JFK was going to dump him from the reelection ticket in ’64.

But once Kennedy was dead, LBJ was in the clear. His promotion automatically solved his problems. Critically important was the fact that no one was about to mess with the new president, whose track record showed he wasn’t shy about playing rough when someone crossed him.

Incidentally, or perhaps not so incidentally, one of the first things LBJ did as president was to appoint Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission “to investigate” JFK’s murder. Only a few months before, Dulles had been the head of the CIA, until Kennedy fired him after the Bay of Pigs. No conflict there.

Nevertheless, the case for LBJ’s involvement is strengthened by the fact that it would have taken someone inside the government in a high position of authority to arrange the multiple cover-ups that had to take place, from the crime scene, to the hospital emergency room, to the autopsy (how do you lose a brain?), to the Warren Commission and FBI’s so-called “investigations.”

Gee, who would have had the clout for that?  How about President Johnson? Then there are the multiple on-the-record sources, including Johnson’s mistress, who flat-out said he was involved. But we digress.

Back to the future: The flurry of threats of violence by Trump haters, who are at least as numerous as the people angry with and threatened by Kennedy, ought to make it even more difficult to sort out than the JFK menagerie, if The Donald should suffer similar fate. At least we will be able to rule out LBJ.

But here’s the pertinent point: Is Trump doing something really stupid?

How safe is it to openly declare war on a secret agency, known for its assassination of foreign (if not American) leaders, whose budget is a mystery even to Congress and whose day job requires lying about what they do? Just askin’…


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