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leave-it-to-beaver babies

Overgrown Babies: One Thing We Ought to Get Rid Of


Is it any wonder we have colleges full of overgrown babies?

Hey, it’s a new year, and an ideal time to scrap inane and worthless policies–right?

I feel I ought to mention that the elementary school, grades K-5, in my neighborhood seems to have a policy forbidding children to walk to or from school. If you must walk three blocks or so, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

When I was in fifth grade, any kid who couldn’t walk home without his mommy would have been–well, wondered at, to say the least.

This 24/7 supervision really has to stop: it’s stunting the children’s mental growth. Is it any wonder we have colleges full of overgrown babies who have to play with Play-Doh because they heard somebody say something that didn’t fit into their ideological straitjacket?

Ooh! But it’s just too dangerous to let the kiddies walk!

At the risk of sounding revolutionary, how’s about we grab those persons who constitute the danger and lock them up? And what say we stop normalizing deviance? Like, we just got rid of the president who tried to order little girls’ bathrooms thrown open to grown men.

So that’s another imbecility that has to be scrapped, but quick–that whole “I identify as such-and-such” business. We don’t need to hear that anymore.

It’ll be hard to get rid of stuff like this, because you-know-who are going to cling to it for all they’re worth: but it’s a fight that must be fought, and won. And won!


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