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On 30,000 Islamic Terror Attacks: The West v Militant Islam


We all remember the 9/11 Islamic terror attack – or we certainly should remember! The 2001 attacks in America were a wakeup call to many about the enemy we face. Yet sadly for the 15 years that have followed, we don’t seem to have learned all that much.

Consider this shocking fact; since that fateful day in September, there have been 30,000 Islamic terror attacks carried out around the world – well, 30,010 to be precise. And we have one terrific website to thank for giving us these useful but shocking numbers: Religion of Peace

You all should be familiar with this site. It says this about itself: “‘The Religion of Peace’ is a non-partisan, fact-based site which examines the ideological threat that Islam poses to human dignity and freedom.” It is loaded with all the gory details of the daily Islamic jihad attacks, as well as plenty of informative and vital articles about the political ideology known as Islam.

Consider just a few more of the gory details: in the month of November we had:

  • 231 attacks
  • 2008 killed
  • 3082 injured
  • 27 suicide blasts
  • 29 countries involved

9-11-5Not bad for a month’s work. Not bad for a religion that tries to portray itself as peaceful. But consider again the 30,010 figure. Sadly I should not have blinked, because I missed the exact moment when we went over the 30,000 figure. I forget to check their page yesterday, so this number will have to do.

Just think about the stats here: There have been 5585 days which have passed since the 9/11 attacks. That means on average every single day since then we have experienced around 5.4 jihadist attacks. Over five attacks every day for 15 years running!

Did you get that? All this done in the name of, for the sake of, and by members of, Islam. Just imagine for a moment that during the past 15 years we had 5 Christian terror attacks every single day. Indeed, simply imagine if we had five Christian terror attacks committed altogether in the past 15 years.

By now most Western nations would have taken swift and severe action. Inquiries would have been held, the mainstream media would have declared even more war on Christianity, sermons would be closely monitored, and plenty of churches would likely have been closed down.

Yet while not one Christian committed an act of religiously-inspired terror this year to my knowledge – or during the past 15 years – we still have the media and the elites hating on Christianity while making every excuse in the book for Islam.

Indeed, that is the only thing even more amazing than the sheer numbers: the utterly shocking and appalling reaction of most Western leaders, elites, the media, and our intellectuoids. Almost to a man they pretend all this has nothing to do with Islam.

The refuse to even mention the “I” word or the “M” word. And if they do admit that Muslims have been involved, they come up with moronic excuses for why such attacks might be justified. They are apologists for murderous Islam. They are dhimmi dunces. They are enemies of their own people.

They make excuses for Islam even as Muslims tell us they hate us and intend on killing us, forcing the entire world to submit to a universal caliphate. They grovel before Islam, apologising to them after every new attack, and they come up with the most ludicrous and damnable rationalisations.

For example, isn’t it just amazing how all these attacks seem to be carried out by lone wolves? Never mind that these lone wolf terrorists share a common identity, a common religion, common goals, common aspirations, common hates, common allegiances, common motives, common plots, common actions, common targets, common methods, common victims, etc. It is just such a coincidence!

The West seems intent on giving Islam a free pass. Even worse, it seems intent on allowing Islam to accomplish the very goals it has announced. Instead of protecting its own citizens and defending freedom and democracy, most Western leaders seem to be in bed with the Islamists.

They stand by and do nothing as one attack after another takes place. They even facilitate the Islamists by so often allowing basically open slater immigration policies. And they appear surprised to find the very people they let in with open arms have turned on them, as they proudly drive trucks through crowds of Christmas shoppers and so on.

Let me note that just as soon as I post this article it will already be outdated. The numbers will have risen yet again, and the headlines will become monotonous as yet another terror attack is reported on – or another attempted attack is uncovered. In fact, as I write this piece, I see this breaking news headline just in: “Terrorism squad arrests man at Sydney Airport over New Year’s Eve ‘threat’.”

Once again, no mention of the “I” or “M” word. But why will we not be surprised if his name turns out to be Muhammad or Ahmed or Sayid or Ali? But then again, it could be just another irate Mennonite or Lutheran. One can never be too sure these days.

By the time you read this, the numbers will likely be at least 30,015 Muslim terror attacks. In my books that amount to an all-out war which has been declared against us and the West. Yet for so many Western leaders, this is nothing to be alarmed about.

That is why the West is losing and militant Islam is winning. That is treasonous and that is treacherous. It is time to turn things around before we lose it all.


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