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The Seven Worst Things The United Nations Has Ever Done

By Michael Qazvini

The United Nations has long been a failed international organization whose words rarely match its actions. Staffed by dictators and tyrants, the UN has ignored some of the worst atrocities in the world, allowing and even sanctioning mankind’s vilest vices.

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed an egregiously anti-Israel resolution designed to demonize the Jewish State by scapegoating the non-issue of “settlements.”

Adopting the historically-revisionist Palestinian nationalist narrative as its own, the UNSC avoided the issue of radical Islamic terrorism to single out the only Jewish state in the world.

The United States abstained as the blood-hungry hyenas of the UNSC passed a resolution calling the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and the Western Wall, among other holy Jewish sites, “illegal” in the eyes of the UN.

The Netanyahu government claims that the Obama administration was personally involved in drafting the resolution. The White House denies these claims.

Either way, the US has sanctioned the nefarious activity of an organization with a checkered history of corruption, abuse, and callous indifference to genocide.

Here are the 7 worst things the UN has ever done:

1. The UN appointed Saudi Arabia to chair the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). This actually happened. Seriously. The world’s leading state executioner was chosen to chair an organization tasked with sending global investigators to monitor human rights violations. The brutal theocratic state has one of the worst women rights records in the world. Women are not allowed to leave their homes without a male guardian. They aren’t allowed to drive or partake in civic administration either. The state kills atheists, homosexuals, and dissidents with public executions. Saudi Arabia was eventually replaced by Egypt, another country known for its summary executions.

2. UN peacekeepers sexually abused children in the Central African Republic (CAR). Reports of sexual abuse in CAR first emerged in May 2014. By 2016, NGOs, international papers, and other monitoring groups had uncovered hundreds of cases of pedophilia, rape, and quid pro quo sex abuse directed against the poor, starving, and embattled people of CAR. Click here for a timeline of the sexual abuse in CAR, courtesy of the Children Rights International Network…

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