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Old Glory at Half Mast: A Nation in Dire Distress


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Editor’s Note: This particular article, is dated, but, since Rob is a new contributor and it’s a fine article, I decided it deserved some real estate on the page. Tami Jackson


Our flags are flying at half staff today — again. No sooner had they been raised following the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, than they were once again lowered in honor of the five police officers who were gunned down in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter rally.

It seems our flag is flown at half staff these days more often than not. Many wonder why we don’t just fly it that way from now on, because America continues to descend into chaos and depravity, and those who genuinely care about our country are in a constant state of mourning for what America has become. Some have even suggested we begin flying the flag upside down — the official symbol of a nation in dire distress, in extreme danger to life and property. Who could argue?

In 2012, after the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, I wrote an article titled “A Nation in Mourning.” In that article, I told about a friend of mine who is an elementary school teacher, and her student who turned in a picture he drew for art class. The picture showed the school on a bright, sunny day, kids playing on the playground, a yellow school bus in front. The interesting part of this picture was the flag pole. The student drew the flag at half mast. The teacher asked the student if the flag was displayed this way because of the recent school shootings in Connecticut. This sixth-grader was unaware of the shootings, and seemed confused at the teacher’s question. It quickly became apparent that the youngster simply understood that this was how we displayed our flag, half way up the pole. He knew no different. You see, throughout his lifetime, this is how the flag was usually flown. Most of the kids in our public schools today do not remember a time before 9/11, 2001. America has been in mourning — reeling from one tragic disaster after another — all of their lives.

For the most part, they’ve also been kept wholly insulated from current events and the reality that our country and our world is in dire distress. They don’t know what’s going on, nor do their parents, nor do they care. Ignorant bliss.

I dare say that this is how our so-called “leaders” want it to be… the kids — and the adults — all kept ignorant of the truth of what is really going on. And while we have been busy and distracted with television, entertainment, sports, the internet, video games and the like, those who would destroy us from within have been busy working to do just that.

Up until recently, here in America we haven’t been suffering DAILY terror attacks, like most of the world does. We hear about what’s going on “over there,” but it doesn’t affect our daily lives, and so why should we care? We find it unpleasant and distasteful, we’d rather not talk about it or dwell on it. In fact, we’d prefer not to think about it at all.

I find the same to be true about domestic situations. For example, we know babies are being killed in the womb every day for convenience and profit, and we now have the technology to understand and KNOW that abortion is murder, but we certainly don’t want to think about it. When Christian ministries come along and point out the reality of this atrocity, especially those who illustrate the point with actual photos of the murdered victims, they are strongly condemned — even by other “Christians” — for having the insensititvity to show such distasteful stuff in public. But choosing to look the other way does not negate the truth.

Imagine if there were a place in your town where puppies were burned alive and torn apart limb from limb — and this was going on every day and people knew about it. Do you think there would be public outrage? Would people march in protest to put an immediate stop to such barbarity?  I sometimes read in the newspaper of cruel individuals who abuse animals and receive harsh jail sentences, stiff fines and public shaming. But meanwhile, the abortionist is allowed to operate freely, applauded for his dastardly deeds; people’s minds are so twisted, they even call it “healthcare.” The murderer even earns a hefty salary, some even donate a portion of their “blood money” to their apostate “churches” as tithes and offerings, which are eagerly accepted. Something is terribly wrong with Americans’ minds.

Apathy must be the devil’s most loved tool. Those of us who take the time to look at the big picture see our once-great nation in grave distress, and it frustrates us to no end that we shout from the rooftops, but very few are listening. Truly, now, a sequence of events has been set in motion, and this is the way things are going to be; it seems we’re headed down a road from which there really is no turning back. Welcome to the new normal.

Let me remind you of just a few things that have taken place so far, just this year: Hundreds of women were raped by Muslim immigrants in Germany and Sweden on New Year’s Eve. Though the media did their best to ignore this story of what Muslims call “Taharrush” which means “Collective Harassment,” or “Justifiable Rape,” the truth DID come out… But we were told to be more understanding and accepting of the “immigrants,” who just want to practice the “traditions” of their “religion of peace.”

A week later, a Philadelphia police officer was ambushed and shot at 13 times; hit 3 times by bullets fired by a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Even though the shooter was Islamic and shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the world was told this was not terrorism, just another random act of gun violence. Guns are to blame, not the Muslim pulling the trigger.

The evil and deception taking place seems to be making the entire earth convulse in disgust. In February, an earthquake in Taiwan toppled a 17-story building, killing 38 people. More earthquakes followed in the South Pacific, in Japan and Ecuador. Volcanos began erupting in Costa Rica, Indonesia and Italy. In all, 20 volcanos worldwide are active right now.

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