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Move Out and Conquer: Educate, Challenge, Inform, and Pray


Mercifully, the Electoral College has certified the choice of the American people and elected Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. Despite suffering five weeks of hostile intimidation, death threats, and shameful appeals from rabid Hollywood leftists to betray their duty, the electors–brave men and women of integrity–confirmed the will of voters.

Not surprisingly, there was no investigation by the politically partisan U.S. Department of Justice into the many threats to electors. Neither have there been any reports in the mainstream media about the multitude of allegations. Had Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat won the election, there would certainly have been numerous investigations and indictments.

Donald J. Trump has now won. The election is settled. Trump prevailed in three separate operations orchestrated by the left to overturn the will of the people. Protests and riots in major U.S. cities were followed by an illegitimate effort by Hillary Clinton surrogate and Green party candidate, Jill Stein to compel recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and then, tampering with the Electoral College.

Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats in general, have been defeated and their reign of failure has been struck down by the American people. The past eight years of government sanctioned depravity, lawlessness, incompetence and corruption are the unambiguous reasons voters repudiated Democrats nationwide. The 2016 presidential election represents a major victory for freedom over tyranny, economic growth over decline, and law and order over corruption. But what now?

Those of us who worked for the success of Donald Trump’s plan for America, must now ensure that our triumph is not squandered. Congressional Republicans whose spines have weakened, will have to be forced to support Trump’s policy initiatives.

Democrats will fight, and the media networks have signaled that they will continue to protect and defend them. The networks will attack Trump relentlessly, just as they did presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. What’s changed is that Donald Trump has shown that he doesn’t need the media to connect with the nation.

Now, there are other battles to be fought and won; spiritual battles at the state and local levels. Over the past eight years, Obama administration lawlessness and governmental tyranny has spread like the Zika virus spawning outbreaks in New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Charlotte, Richmond and Baton Rouge, where leftist state and local dictators continue to push radical LGBTQ affirmative action policies, wage anti-Christian bigotry and lawfare, and defy immigration law.

Victory against these forces cannot be won from Washington. Each will require a sweeping rejection of the reckless and dangerous political activism that the radical left has provoked.

Much of America now knows that, despite the false and malicious charges launched against Donald Trump and Republicans, the so-called Democrat Party is the real source of anarchy, division, and hate. In order to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity to reverse America’s deterioration, we must educate, challenge, inform, and pray.

Educate: Snowflakes protesting in our cities illustrated that a large sector of millennials believes that America is a democracy. This is understandable since Democrats are constantly implying that it is. Just two weeks after the election, CBS’s Scott Pelley addressed students at the Arizona State School of Journalism, where he received the Walter Cronkite Award saying, “You are the guardians of our democracy.” Their woeful ignorance of the U.S. Constitution is even worse.

Challenge: Americans have suffered through eight years of unmitigated assaults on our culture, our laws, and our Christian heritage. Challenging Democrats to defend that party’s policies and the lawless actions of the Obama administration will help them to recognize that many of them are indefensible.

Inform: We can be sure that Democrat media networks will launch a campaign of lies and distortion against the Trump administration such as we have not seen before. Correcting the fake news stories with the facts that media operatives leave out will have the added benefit of magnifying the illegitimacy of the networks.

Pray: In this magnificent season in which we celebrate the birth of our Lord, it’s comforting to know that He can open the eyes of the blind. He desires to do so. We can pray that He will and that He will spare our nation from the judgment it deserves.

The next four years may be America’s last chance to prevent total eradication of our freedoms and liberty. One fact Christians know well is that evil unopposed never remains stagnant. The next wave of attacks against our constitutional rights and religious freedom will be more intense. Therefore, we must take back ground now, for the glory of God and safety of children, while there is time.


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