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Hillary Parkinson

Having Fun With Democrats


As a general rule, Democrats are not fun people to be around. When discussing politics, they are rude, obnoxious, and profane, and either horribly miserable or maniacally embarrassing. But the next time you find yourself in a safe setting with a few liberals may I suggest a few fun things to try?

When you encounter liberals bashing Donald Trump (which should be easy, as they all seem to enjoy it so), ask one of them to name a single action ever taken by Hillary Clinton that was legal and made America better? Then say, “GO!” and begin counting. Do not permit your Democrat to change the subject, resort to name-calling, or utter another solitary word until they name something. When you tire of counting, or the liberal forfeits, you’ve won.

If this fails, and it will, ask your liberal to name a single policy that Barack Hussein Obama legally enacted that made a positive impact on any single human being in America. Then say, “GO!” and begin counting. Again, do not allow any deviation from the rules. This will be the hard part, because liberals are such slippery devils. Your subject may attempt to turn the table and revert to trashing a Republican or even you. You must not permit this. If he or she will not abide by the rules, you win, again.

You can also ask your liberal friend, why it is that he or she is a Democrat. Your liberal may offer some ambiguous platitude like, Democrats are for the little guy, they are “tolerant,” or because America is a democracy. Now you have got them. If they profess that Democrats are for the little guy, ask how any “little guy” has been helped by increasing taxes, unemployment or loss of freedom and self-determinism that the liberal party demands.

If your subject appeals to “tolerance,” challenge your liberal to provide an example that does not involve the tolerance of sin or crime. Finally, if they use the “America is a democracy” line, you might want to suggest that your subject study American government someday soon, preferably, before the next election.

Liberals are masters of hypocrisy. In fact, it’s impossible to be a liberal without being duplicitous. Ask a liberal why Democrats despise Christians. Most will deny the fact, but the liberal party is openly hostile to any public expression of religion, even if they themselves, attend a church.

You can also point out to your Democrat friends that being a liberal is the easiest thing in the world to do. Being a liberal requires no personal or intellectual accountability to anyone other than oneself. Liberals do not have to bother with anything difficult like, integrity, honesty, character, consistency or righteousness. They are free to change their opinions at whim with little or no consequence or even an intelligent justification for doing so.

What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?

Above all else, Republicans build their lives on solid noble and uniquely American foundations: freedom, liberty, faith, family, honor, hard work, personal sacrifice and righteousness. When they fail, they do not blame someone else, “the system,” the “rich,” society, parents, or anyone of a different race, ethnicity or national origin.

By contrast, Democrats live their lives on the backs of other people, e.g. taxpayers, government, social programs, and non-competitive sources. They hold themselves accountable to no one except themselves and hold firmly to no stable foundation. Everything is negotiable–honesty, fidelity, dignity, integrity and self-respect. This is why liberals are never happy, not even when they are getting everything they want.

If a Republican doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.
If a Democrat doesn’t like guns, he demands that the government confiscate the guns of everyone.

If a Republican decides to become a vegetarian, he stops eating meat.
If a Democrat decides to become a vegetarian, he wants meat banned from every market, home and restaurant.

If a Republican needs healthcare coverage, she shops for an affordable plan and gets a job to pay for it.
If a Democrat needs healthcare coverage, she petitions the government to compel others to provide it for her.

Democrats respond to truth, like slugs recoil from salt. Their political campaigns are built upon lies and sustained by lies, while the mainstream “fake news” media provides them with cover-up, obfuscation and distortion.

Finally, ask your liberals friends to name two Democrat presidents from the past 75 years who have not been unfaithful to their wives. When your subject is unable to do so, and you tire of his efforts to avoid answering, ask your friend if that might be an indication of a problem. (The answer is, there was only one–Harry S, Truman).


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