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Forget Fake News! Here’s the Good News at Christmas


It’s been an exhausting year.

In our house, not only did we plow through the tumultuous election, doing what we could to influence and bring about a desperately-needed change of direction in America. But along the way, our family suffered personal crises as well.

Friends and extended family members became terminally ill. A friend’s husband deteriorated in his battle with early Alzheimer’s. A cherished, brave child died after a long battle with cancer.

These events tend to put all else in perspective.

Yet even though we have a few battle scars, we maintain a powerful and everlasting hope. Not just because American Christians can look forward to a more conservative president-elect than many were expecting, but there’s the vastly larger picture.

It’s all about the reason for the season– our Savior, Jesus Christ. Never forget that the Gospel message, through its Messenger, is the way, the truth and the life.

And this good news is not fake news. It’s tangible, genuine and open to all, without exclusion. It’s totally inclusive, but each person must make a decision to opt-in.

It’s up to you to embrace the Christ child, who grew up and died on the cross and then rose again, as your Lord and Savior.

Tragically, some will reject this awesome, divine gift of salvation and eternal life. They will choose instead to be laws unto themselves.

And believing that is the better choice is the truly “fake news” of all time.

Some still stand outside the Ark and scoff, believing humans can figure all this out, control the outcomes, reimagine human nature, avoid the Flood, and just keep partying on down.

Yet we are living in very dangerous times. We politically-engaged believers, with our desire to save unborn lives, reclaim sexual morality, and maintain the freedom to follow our faith, have taken hits from the left because we perceive and proclaim the threats. They don’t and in fact, believe we are the threat.

The contrast in worldviews has never been more visible to those who have eyes to see.

And since November 8, it’s become difficult to start simple conversations with those whose carefully-learned and unfounded biases block real communication. Despite the lack of evidence, they cling to a bitter narrative about Trump’s “racism, sexism and anti-Semitism.”

And the Russians. Let’s not forget the Russians, who apparently now call the shots in America. Govorityeh po-russki? Nyet, minyeh nyemnoga, and I intend to keep it that way.

Here’s a “real news” tip for some courageous mainstream journalist: why do Hillary supporters still fail to understand what happened and why? Even more tragically, most don’t yet grasp what is eternal, important, humane, just and good.

The heat is not just theoretical for some families. Thanksgiving became a battleground in certain homes, and not over who got the turkey leg. College students stormed out in a huff before the pumpkin pie was served, with their “triggers” ignited.

We’ve even heard of situations where heartbroken grandparents have been told they can no longer visit their grandchildren.

Evangelicals who were Trump supporters were on the defensive from young relatives who are passionately ill-informed, as if Hillary, a long-term enthusiastic abortion “rights” proponent, makes any sense for alleged followers of Jesus Christ.

We can debate borders, bathrooms, and government-funded health insurance all day, but human life trumps it all, so to speak. And Hillary was not just willing but eager to have unborn child sacrifice funded by taxpayers.

Christians? Hello?

So not to open up old wounds, but Christmas looms as another hurdle for some families. How can conservative Christians have a truly Merry Christmas?

How can we keep focusing on the “good news”– the birth of our Savior– and not the fake news that the spider web of liberalism keeps spinning?

Here’s are some thoughts about the making the most of eggshell-walking family occasions, as well as thinking ahead to the New Year:

Always keep your eye on the prize. And no, I don’t mean Donald Trump’s presidency, although I think we will be happy with many (perhaps not all) policy decisions.

No, let’s never forget the reason for the celebration. It’s never a cliché to remind everyone to honor the Prince of Peace and give glory to God for the birth of Christ, even to look forward to His “glorious appearing” perhaps even in our lifetimes. He will dry every tear and mend all broken hearts, and those who endure to the end will be saved.

So keep the ideals of grace, peace and perseverance foremost in your hearts throughout Christmas.

Stand up for Jesus. Yes, even peace-lovers need to be firm and loyal, but we can do it with grace. Put on a smile — reflecting the eternal joy in your soul (despite these temporal annoyances)– and wish everyone “Merry Christmas!” not “Happy Holidays.”

Amazingly, even the “holiday” word is now offensive to some. National Review reports that Texas Woman’s University is steering students and faculty away from the religion-conjuring word “holiday.” Instead, they are to have “end of semester” parties in order to be “inclusive,” except that, as usual, it’s okay to offend and exclude Christians.

Pray about how to get active on the issues. Make a plan now to get involved in 2017 to help educate, motivate and inform the American public. We need to make our suggestions known to the Trump administration at . We need to praise his wise decisions and object to those that aren’t.

But we can’t relax. There’s too much at stake. Be bold but don’t get sucked into dumb debates by those whose hearts are currently hard toward the goodness of God.

For the next week, however, let’s take a break, proclaim “Joy to the World,” hold our dear families close, and praise our Creator– the baby in the manger who became the Lamb of God.

Glory to God in the Highest! And have a very merry Christmas.


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