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Funding Morality: Supporting Those Persecuted for Their Faith


While socially dysfunctional trends, distorted values and damaged relationships have taken deep root in western civilization, a counter movement to restore traditional values based upon biblical principles continues to push back. As part of this counter-revolution, the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA) developed a new crowd-funding web platform, Funding Morality, where people of faith can raise funds for those who have been victimized because of their Judeo-Christian  beliefs and/or their biblically based actions or to support projects that challenge this adversary culture. 

Funding Morality was launched within the past week to provide a venue that supports people of faith that refused to compromise their moral and biblical convictions and to assist those persecuted by a culture often intolerant of traditional Judeo-Christian world-views.

Key motivations for the website’s founding has been the increasing discrimination by commercial crowd sourcing sites against people of faith and projects focusing on biblically based moral values.  All too often the needs of people of faith are ignored because they reject contemporary progressive legislative actions and or adverse cultural responses. 

For example, Kick starter refused to feature two pro-life films seeking funding, Gosnell the Movie and Stolen Moments, while GoFundMe formalized a policy that excludes campaigns in defense of  “claims of discriminatory acts,” an intentionally ambiguous standard which has been used to deny a voice to the financial needs of many social conservatives. Examples abound. GoFundMe refused to host campaigns to raise money for Ellinor Grimmark, a Swedish nurse denied employment because she refused to participate in abortions and for Arlene’s Flowers and Sweet Cakes by Melissa, both of whom were fined because their religious conscience forbad them from participating in weddings that offended their religious sensibilities.  GoFundMe also shut down an appeal to support an Indiana Pizzeria whose owner publically supported a religious freedom law that critics complained was “anti-gay.”

Responding to these anti-family, anti-life, anti-religious liberty decisions of the existing commercially oriented crowd funding organizations, JIFGA created a not for profit platform to draw attention to people and projects  that support  traditional moral values and need assistance. Its kickoff project features Stephanie Packer, a brave mother of four who has publicly fought against the assisted suicide laws that have been approved by five state legislatures and one state by referendum. 

Stephanie was diagnosed with a terminal illness, scleroderma (which attacks the lungs and other vital organs). This terminal condition has left her unable to digest food, so she is fed through a tube with the help of her husband, Brian. He had to leave his full time job at a lumberyard to care for his family.  Doctors continue to work on experimental treatments to help prolong her life. However, after her diagnoses and after her home state of California legalized assisted suicide, her insurance company stopped paying for treatments and instead advised her that it would cover life ending medication for her for a co-pay of only $1.20!!  Packer, a practicing Catholic, refused the offer. 

As stated on, “Stephanie’s experience with insurance led her to become a Patient Advocate and Spokesperson for end of life issues.”  In spite of her physical debilitation, Stephanie flew to New Jersey to testify against legislation to legalize “aid-in-dying” in that state.  While continuing to fight for her life, Stephanie continues to be a face for the pro-life cause and to speak out against early termination of life laws wherever she is needed. is raising money to help this pro-life heroine cover the cost of experimental adult stem cell treatments that may give Stephanie more time with her kids, transportation between the hospital and home, and basic groceries and living expenses during the treatment.

JIFGA’s organizational mission is to emphasize Judeo-Christian world-views.  Stephanie’s actions exemplify aspects of the Noahide Code (sometimes referred to as the “Natural Law”).  According to the laws revealed by G-d to Noah after the Flood, and reiterated at Mt. Sinai in the Ten Commandments, murder is forbidden.  Killing a person who has an incurable illness, even if s/he will likely die soon, violates the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” An action by a doctor to kill a patient is in no way less serious because the patient consented to taking the lethal medication or even if s/he specifically requested it. Suicide is forbidden according to interpretations of the Divine Text (Genesis 9:5). As Rabbi Shimon Cowen states in Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics: The Noahide Laws, “A doctor who kills a human being, viable or fetal, incurably or terminally ill, is liable for the act.”

The funding morality website appeals to citizens worldwide to visit their site. It also is asking faith-based individuals with their own struggles (or who seek to develop projects focusing on biblical morals) to utilize in order to bring greater awareness of their story and to help raise funds for their cause.  “There are many different biblically based issues requiring visibility that are best illustrated by real situations of real people, whether, e.g., they concern pro- life or pro-family issues or involve violations of religious liberty or academic freedom,  or highlight the host of other issues social conservatives fret about. This web site provides an opportunity to do something affirmative rather than simply complain about the direction of society,” according to JIFGA’s founders.

All donations go through the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA), a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. Thus, donations designated for featured individual cases or projects are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by IRS regulations.  In addition, because the site is run by a not for profit organization, administrative expenses are lower than that of the commercial crowd funding sites (which, at stated earlier, are guilty of discriminating– in the name of non-discrimination — against social conservatives).

Those with stories they would like highlighted on the site may email or visit (


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