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Who Democrats Really Are (And Why You Don’t Want to Be One)


It must be hard to be a Democrat these days.  They have been decapitated and overwhelmingly repudiated, and they are fit to be tied.  But don’t expect them to “come to themselves” as did the prodigal, and repent.  That’s not in their nature.

If there is one scripture that describes the inane hostility of Democrats toward righteousness and the rule of law, it is, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Rom. 1:22).  It never ceases to amaze me how eager Democrats are to put their woeful ignorance on public display.

After relentless hysterical condemnation of Donald Trump for refusing to admit defeat prior to election day by promising to accept the results before the first vote had been cast, these same Democrats have since mounted endless challenges to the outcome.

We witnessed protests and violence in city streets, and bogus recount challenges by Democrat surrogate, Jill Stein of the Green party. Democrats and their activists have threatened and intimidated Trump electors, as the fake news media and the White House advance the baseless and dangerous speculation that Russian hackers influenced the presidential election.

For the past eight years, Christians and conservatives have endured an inexperienced, incompetent U.S. Senator from Illinois, who became president and immediately embarked upon a world tour to condemn them and apologize for their beloved nation.  Barack Obama had no policy ideas or positive goals.  His tenure has been an abysmal failure by every metric.  America has suffered eight years of lawlessness, economic decline and misery.  The election of Donald Trump was the people proclaiming, ENOUGH!

Following Obama, Hillary Clinton ran a similar campaign, devoid of solutions, policy goals and without experience, qualifications or even a plan.  She had the added weight of moral bankruptcy, personal involvement in a criminal conspiracy, political corruption and selling-out the nation for self-enrichment.  She failed to protect U.S. citizens under her charge, and failed to protect classified information.  Thanks be to God, the American people mercifully ended her reign of failure.

The Democrat Party’s name is ironic, since they accomplish virtually nothing by consent of the people, preferring instead, judicial activism, parliamentary trickery and illegitimate executive orders.  Nevertheless, they routinely refer to American government as “our democracy” despite the fact that America is not now nor ever has been, a democracy.

Amazingly, Democrat politicians and their supporters see hypocrisy everywhere outside of themselves, often where it doesn’t exist, refusing to recognize that they are wearing it.  One example of the tired old lies of the left is that there is something inconsistent with pro-life Christians who support the Second Amendment right to defend themselves and their families.  There is, however, no dichotomy between defending life within the womb, and protecting innocent life without it, except among small-minded liberals.

What could be more horrifying for any man than to stand by helplessly as his wife or child is callously gunned down by someone devoted to evil?  The prudent, thoughtful and wise man accepts responsibility for the security of his family and himself.  It’s an indisputable fact that neither draconian gun laws nor brainless gun bans can ever prevent godless criminals from obtaining firearms and killing others with them.  Despite this fact, ignorant and thoughtless leftists screech-on in condemnation of the only effective remedy short of repealing original sin.

There is nothing noble in the left’s advocacy for killing the pre-born, while opposing the death penalty for savage killers. There is no integrity in banning God from public schools while letting allah and godless paganism in the back door.  And there is nothing “progressive” in a 2000-year moral freefall that promotes sexual depravity and extols perversion as a moral equivalent to marriage. These are but a few examples of raw hypocrisy and they are Democrat positions.

The unprecedented lies, misinformation and distortion of truth coming from anti-Trump Democrats and their media allies, reveal a pathological belligerence unseen in modern times. Donald Trump’s election was not a Republican victory. It was a victory for law and order, truth and justice, freedom and liberty, and righteousness and honor.

These are timeless American values that can never be conceded. The Christian cannot be accidentally fooled by the liberal’s self-righteousness and fraudulent claims of moral superiority. He can only be deceived willingly.

As long as Christians and honorable people dwell in the United States, liberalism will never prevail.


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