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Reversing ‘Climate Change’ in America


Recent events have demonstrated an urgent need to address climate change in America. For the past eight years, we have witnessed a dramatic accelerated deterioration of the climate in our nation and the world, and unless the trend is altered quickly, the consequences may be irreversible. While nearly half of the population of the United States lives in stubborn denial, the symptoms of climate change are real and left unchecked, they will be deadly.

Nowhere has the effect of climate change in America been more profound than in the protests, lies and intentional media distortions that have occurred since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States.

Of course, I’m not referring to the fatuous political fraud that mankind is causing global atmospheric changes due to increased levels of carbon dioxide, but rather the false and poisonous moral and political climate that has engulfed America due to political ambition, sin, depravity and the abolition of personal shame.

The election season demonstrated that the primary obstacle to America becoming a color blind society is the hostile rhetoric of Democrat politicians who are sustained by purveyors of hate and bigotry who promulgate their divisive messages on television and in print. The presidential campaign is not over; Democrats and the media are likely going to continue their campaign of distortion for the foreseeable future.

November’s election showed that the American left has no understanding of the American people. They detest our Christian heritage and founding, choosing to push a malicious counterfeit narrative that America’s founders were racists. They oppose any public expression of the Christian faith, described by the founders as “the one true religion” but have no problem with Islamic jihadists pouring into our neighborhoods.

Godless Democrats and their media allies have declared war on American working men and women who are white, black, brown, red and yellow. Their crime? Wanting something more from their lives and for their families than the scant crumbs that liberals and the governing establishment allow them to keep for themselves.

Because Donald Trump promised restoration of law and order, white Trump supporters are called racists, white supremacists and Islamaphobes. Black supporters are maligned as ignorant, traitors or not black enough. Legal citizens who want the Mexican border closed so that illegal aliens cannot break in to the country to steal their tax dollars, steal their jobs and commit violent crimes against their families are called bigots. Parents who want to protect their children from public school indoctrination into deviant sexual techniques and perversity of every kind in kindergarten are denigrated as homophobes and ignoramuses who oppose education.

Amidst the malignant lies and character attacks of the left, Christians and conservatives should take heart. Why? Because the name-calling is proof that Democrats and the left have no rational response and no solutions to the problems that they have collectively created.

While the Obama administration affected a 50-year retrogression of race relations in America, there remains a great deal of good will and optimism that the breach can be repaired. Trump supporters can change the political climate in America by engaging their liberal friends, pointing out the long list of failed Obama policies and the colossal duplicity of the left. They can point to the amazing effect that Trump is already having on the American economy.

We can change the anti-Christian climate in America by advancing public religious expression and prayer. We can work to tear down the illegitimate and unconstitutional “wall of separation between Church and State.” And we can change the moral climate by attending local school board meetings and influencing the boards for good.

We can slow the decline in American culture by rejecting moral deviance in the choices that we make every day, exalting moral purity and repudiating lifestyles of sin that leads to death. Most importantly, we can pray that God will bring people to repentance and pour out His Spirit on our nation.

Democrats have ridiculously condemned Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan as racist and divisive. America can be great again, but only when America becomes good again. Making America good is a climate change effort that each of us can participate in and one that will actually result in a better life for all of us.


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