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Trump Should Nominate Roy Moore for Sec. of State


Donald Trump should nominate Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to be the next secretary of state.

Roy Moore has proven to be a faithful Christian over the years, and for that progressives hate him.

And as I previously suggested with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Trump can demoralize progressives by nominating Moore to be part of his administration.

But there have been no hints of Moore being a potential nominee for the Department of State. So we’ll assume that Trump isn’t going to select him for that position. That doesn’t mean Trump can’t nominate him for another one.

For instance, Trump could select Moore as his IRS commissioner (after the current commissioner’s term ends). This would be a great position for Moore. As IRS commissioner, he could bring about a little bit of justice by going after progressive organizations.

The Obama regime and its allies spent eight years going after Moore and other enemies. Imagine Moore suddenly being in charge of the IRS and going after them.

Yet Trump is unlikely to nominate him for this position.

Nevertheless, there are many other positions that Trump could select Moore to fill. However, the next best one would be secretary of the Army.

Moore is an Army veteran so he has that experience. But his nomination as secretary of the Army would be hugely significant considering that Eric Fanning is Obama’s current Army secretary.

Fanning is the first sodomite Army secretary and is a key part of Obama’s effort to destroy the U.S. armed forces. Even now, Fanning is discouraging Trump from undoing the damage he and the rest of the Obama regime have done.

There isn’t much indication that Trump will undo the Obama regime’s damage to the armed forces as a whole. But selecting Moore as secretary of the Army would be a shrewd move and it would allow Moore to undo some of that destruction on his own.

As secretary of the Army, Moore would answer to the DOD and secretary of defense. If they keep women-in-combat and sodomites-in-the-armed-forces policies in place, he couldn’t overturn them. However, as secretary of the Army he would have the responsibility of implementing them as best he saw fit for the Army. And there is much latitude on how he could do that. He could implement them in ways that would infuriate progressives and other enemies of the U.S.

Trump selecting Roy Moore for his administration is a long shot. But it isn’t worthless to suggest it. He would be a great fit as secretary of state, IRS commissioner, secretary of the Army, or most any other position. He’d serve honorably and infuriate domestic enemies at the same time.

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