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Praising Castro vs. the Denouncing Game


Ruling elites are praising communist tyrant Fidel Castro following his death late last week. And the fact that none of them will face any sort of ostracizing for what they are doing shows why no one should ever again participate in the Denouncing Game.

Media personalities, politicians, and government officials are praising Castro, a man who murdered thousands and wrought terror on many more. They are unapologetic about it and will suffer no consequences for their actions.

Compare this with how these same elites demand that everyone denounce David Duke. It doesn’t matter if you have no contact with him, or that you have never agreed with him, or that he hasn’t murdered anyone, or that most people don’t even know who he is. They threaten to label you a racist who must be barred from the public square if you refuse to denounce him.

Hypocrites. Reject their demands and never again play the Denouncing Game.

I have no responsibility to denounce anyone as a general rule. It doesn’t mean I agree with those I do not denounce. In fact, it doesn’t mean anything at all since I’m not obligated to go around denouncing people.

On top of this, the elites praising yet another tyrant—a man who adhered to the ideology responsible for more murders and misery than any other ideology in history—sets a precedent. Not only do I never have to play the Denouncing Game, but I can actually praise anyone all the while demanding that society respect me.

One final note: don’t ever forget that the elites and their fellow Marxists are fawning over a mass-murdering communist. Keep this in mind and realize what they will do to you and your loved ones if they ever gain the power they need to become just like their hero.

So don’t ever play the Denouncing Game again. And don’t ever look at progressives / communists as anything less than enemies.

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