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Donald Trump: A Version of Ronald Reagan for a Coarser Age?

By Larry Mayo

What an amazing, stunning week it has been.

Donald Trump won the election, defying the odds, the polls, and beating back the intense levels of voter fraud.

Donald Trump seems, to me, to be a version Ronald Reagan — or at least a version for a coarser age.

Trump has his faults, to be sure. He’s brash. He’s mouthy. I attribute that to the rancorous inclination of these venomous times. Perhaps at this time, we do not need a bull in a china shop. Perhaps we need a bull that brings his own china to break.

Here is why I view Trump in a Reaganesque light:

  1. Trump beat the combined forces of the media, the pundits, the Democrats, and Establishment Republicans. Reagan had those elements arrayed against him as well. In fact, the Establishment Republicans insisted that Reagan accept, as a Vice President, an Establishment hack that had been the top CIA asset in America — George H.W. Bush. Luckily, Trump’s pick of Pence shows he wasn’t similarly conciliatory in the Vice Presidential selection.
  2. Trump has passion — a passion also seen in Reagan.
  3. Trump is pro-life, like Reagan. Trump’s pro-life leanings are not absolute, and neither were Reagan’s.
  4. Trump is pro-America in a manner we have not seen since Reagan. His very campaign slogan (Make America Great Again) gives voice to Trump’s deepest motivation — an abiding love for our country.
  5. Trump has promised to charge the economy with tax cuts and regulatory relief — which, when executed by Reagan, gave America the longest and most powerful period of economic growth for a very long time.
  6. Trump, like Reagan, respects and defends the Second Amendment.
  7. Reagan hated government-employee unions, as does Trump.
  8. Reagan told it like it was. Can we deny Trump is as blunt?
  9. Trump emerges from the mob-ridden sewers of New York City. Reagan came from the communist-infiltrated halls of Hollywood. Each, therefore, had a command of how to deal with, and often neutralize, enemies and criminals.
  10. Reagan had, as his base, disaffected Democrats, called Reagan Democrats. Trump has his, as well.
  11. Trump has vowed to protect America from illegal immigration. This was one of Reagan’s big issues as well, signing the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. This act targeted employers and made it illegal to hire or recruit illegals (Unfortunately, the Democrats managed to pollute this act with significant Amnesty.)

There are differences, of course:

  1. He’s more raw and less inhibited in his communications. Reagan had an eloquent and lofty delivery of his ideas, whereas Trump is much plainer spoken — simple, almost. However, with the current electorate, that might be a very good thing.
  2. The forces of globalism and the desires of globalists were not yet so starkly evident in the 1980s, so Reagan embarked on a few political initiatives that advanced globalist interests — such as NAFTA.
  3. Reagan had a baptism-of-fire in politics. Trump has no such experience, although one can argue that all business in New York City is ultimately political.

As I have written elsewhere, the fight is no longer Republican vs. Democrat. The fight is not even Conservative vs. Liberal. The fight is Populism vs. Globalism/Elitism. Trump appears to understand this, and he seems the perfect person to carry forward this fight.

In the 1980’s, not many of us (Reagan included) understood the threat of the Globalists and Elitists. Perhaps the John Birch Society did, but they were written off as ‘kooks and conspiracy theorists’. Still, they existed then, and when Reagan served his two terms, the Globalists were set back twenty years. Trump may set them back another twenty years.

Always bear in mind that Trump is not a Conservative. He is a Populist and a Nationalist. Populism and Nationalism both contain some Conservative principles, but some Liberal principles as well. To summarize the philosophies, Populism is about seating power in the hands of the people, and Nationalism is about defending the nation and preventing the erasure of the very concept of ‘country’. Conservatives will be disappointed, often, by Trump’s leanings. But Trump is what we need, right now. We must stabilize the patient that is the United States, before embarking on a rigorous program of fitness and health.

Lawrence Mayo, also widely known by his pen-name “Lazamataz,” is a skilled web developer in Microsoft.NET technologies. He has had a keen interest in politics for two decades, and has been a political commentator and editorial writer for the last five years. Originally born in New York state, he transplanted to Georgia, and never looked back. Contact him at


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