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Scientist Says Cussing Means You’re Smart


Oh, where would we be without our scientists?

Or, to put it in a way that’s supposed to make me sound even smarter, where would we ****ing be without our ****ing scientists?

Yes, a credentialed scientist has actually claimed that using curse words, especially the f-bomb, is a sign of superior intelligence. In fact, “[T]he ones who swear the most have the biggest vocabulary overall,” said a professor of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego.

Question: If cussers have such a great vocabulary, why don’t they (bleep) use it?

Some of those trolls on the Internet must be blankety-blank geniuses.

No, this is not a satire. I have not made it up just to make fun of scientists. Check the link above.

They don’t need me to satirize them. They do such a (censored) good job of it themselves.


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