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The Prayer Movement That’s Sweeping The Middle East

Tens of thousands of persecuted Christians gathered to pray for Iraq and victory against ISIS.

The prayer movement, which happened in Erbil Friday brought, more than 20,000 Christians together during a time of intense bloodshed. The prayers did not just stay there, but were broadcast throughout the Middle East by a Christian satellite network.

The six-hour prayer event marks the end of 50 days of fasting, and for many Christians, hopefully the start of a new life without ISIS.

Attendees stood together in the shape of a cross and released balloons with prayers in them “as a symbol of raising prayer on behalf of the whole nation,” according to George Makeen, SAT-7 ARABIC’s programming director.

Makeen added that while many areas have been liberated from the grip of the Islamic State, the future will be challenging for those people who have suffered violence and fear for the past two years.

“My prayer is for God’s peace and wisdom as they experience such difficult times,” he told Christianity Today. “While Iraqis celebrate successes in defeating IS and liberation of their towns, the fear of violence committed by Shia militias (the PMU), the fear of regional conflicts between key players (Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia), the conflicts between different religious and ethnic groups (Shia, Sunni, Arabs and Kurds), and the fears people will have as they consider returning to homes they were forced to leave: all of these limit the joy and hope people should be experiencing.”

“The country still lacks the sense of true unity and belonging,” he continued. “I pray that God will give leaders wisdom to help their people to feel that the current developments are the start of a better future.”

Despite feelings of lack of unity, participants know this prayer movement is a the step in the right direction.

Report via CBN News


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