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Make Joe Arpaio U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner


Donald Trump should appoint Joe Arpaio as his U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner. Arpaio has shown that he is serious about protecting U.S. sovereignty. Furthermore, his appointment will serve to dispirit progressives who spent $2 million to defeat his bid to be reelected as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Trump anchored his campaign with a promise to secure American borders and defeat the illegal alien war on America. Regardless of how he goes about doing it, he will have to fulfill this vow if he has any plans for a second term (or a successful first one). Appointing Joe Arpaio as his U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner would be both a symbolic and effective step towards achieving this goal.

Arpaio rose to national attention during his many years as Maricopa County sheriff where he steadfastly defended the American right to independence despite overwhelming odds and repeated attacks against him. The latest attack proved successful, with George Soros reportedly spending $2 million to help defeat him this past Election Day.

But Trump can turn that significant progressive victory into a humiliating loss by taking the now free Arpaio and appointing him as the leader of American border protection. This will dispirit progressives by showing that all the time and money they spent attacking Arpaio only made him more powerful.

Furthermore, making Arpaio U.S. CBP commissioner will serve as one of the many needed shots against progressives to change their mindset from one of expecting triumph in everything they do to having a defeatist mindset even when they seemingly win.

Trump promised Americans border security if they elected him president. They did. He can immediately start making good on this promise by appointing a man who whole-heartedly wants to control the borders and deport every illegal alien invader in the U.S. There is more than one man who could lead this effort. But Joe Arpaio might be the best man, symbolically and practically.


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