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Election 2016: Correcting an Eight-year-old Mistake


In last week’s election results, the American voters delivered a deafening and unambiguous rebuke of failed Democrat policies in general, and of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, specifically. Despite the saturation media coverage of hysterical infantile protesters and left-wing city council members who are inciting them, for most of the country, this is a time of joy and optimism for the amazing rebirth of the American dream.

There has been little coverage, if any, of the 7000 Athenians who protested Obama’s visit to Greece this week. Many of the protesters there, held signs that simply read, “UNWANTED.”

The ridiculous phony outrage in Portland, Oregon, where half of the 71 people arrested did not even vote in the election, is not to be taken seriously. The wild irrational charges of racism, homophobia and anxiety over a president who has simply promised to enforce U.S. law, provide manifest evidence of the blooming lawlessness implanted by Democrats and the Left in American cities.

In Washington D.C. public schools, where distraught students are offered grief counseling and therapy pets, the staged tantrums continue. Our national news media persists in its typically sympathetic story-telling of the contrived misery and despair.

Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel told protesters there, that the windy city would always be their home and that services would be there for them regardless of their legal status. He said that Chicago would continue to be a “sanctuary city” in direct violation of federal law. Childish Democrat rebellion has become ensconced in the defiance “leadership” of some American cities. This kind of lawlessness did not begin here. It has been building over many years.

In 2004, San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom directed the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to lesbian and homosexual couples in direct violation of state law. He was not prosecuted. Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti has established a Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) as if L.A. was a nation unto itself. Los Angeles remains a “sanctuary city,” at least for now.

Charlotte, North Carolina mayor, Jennifer Roberts’ set off a firestorm by attempting to establish non-discrimination policies in that city that would have permitted transgender and transsexuals to invade any public restroom they chose. Since city leaders have no authority to enact such policies, North Carolina state legislators responded by passing H.B. 2, the so-called “bathroom bill.” This bill simply reiterated that local officials do not have the authority to enact more stringent laws than the state and federal governments impose.

Protests against H.B. 2 led to boycotts of businesses in the Tarheel State and death threats against North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory. Renegade mayor Jennifer Roberts is still in office.

Much of the lawlessness and anarchy perpetrated by local Democrat politicians is the direct result of the failure of Congress and state legislatures to confront and crush the manifold lawless actions committed by the Obama administration.

Despite the news networks’ efforts to portray the country as unraveling at the seams, most Americans seem to be able to recognize the protests for what they are–bad, poorly scripted political theater.

Now that the Left’s little darling, Hillary Clinton, has been rejected by voters, Donald Trump’s every word and deed will be distorted, mischaracterized and taken out of context in efforts to prove that voters made the wrong choice. Democrats and the media are already hard at work attempting to demonstrate that Trump’s cabinet choices and staff of advisors are racist, homophobic or unsuitable due to conflict of interest concerns. The media’s duplicity has no limit. They utterly refused to find such problems when they were genuinely rampant with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but are suddenly able to detect them where they do not exist.

As president, Donald Trump has an enormous job ahead. He must shut-down and disarm the billionaire agitator, George Soros, who has been funding and Black Lives Matter, or he will be battling them for the foreseeable future. He will also have to reestablish uniform enforcement of law, and that will not be easy after eight years of neglect. It will, no doubt, be met with exaggerated complaints of harshness and mean-spirited vengeance by the Left, even though, without merit.

Absurdly pro-Democrat reporting by national media networks have cost them marketing ability. Their credibility is lower than that of lawyers and used-car salesmen, and they are losing influence to radio and alternate-media news agencies on the internet. But they are apparently undeterred, as illustrated by their continued efforts to incite public outrage and controversy.

President Donald Trump will need our help. Despite their overwhelming defeat, Democrats in Congress and their media network partners will oppose every Trump policy and initiative. As Ronald Reagan often did, Donald Trump will have to appeal to the public to put pressure on House and Senate Democrats and Republicans who will attempt to block Trump’s agenda by any means possible.

The election of Donald Trump, like the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, is already bearing sweet fruit. In the first five trading days following the election of Donald Trump, the Dow Jones set records four times and continues to rise. Investors see a bright light at the end on an eight-year-long tunnel of darkness and despair.

While spurious conflicts and childish demonstrations may continue for the next few months, once the wealth-building and economic growth effects of Donald Trump’s policies are experienced by more and more Americans, they will soon, like Democrat politicians and their media lobbyists, become irrelevant.

Making American great again, will improve our physical security. Making America safe again will restore our emotional security. Making America safe for the expansion of the gospel again, will quicken our individual and collective spirits. America may yet be saved.


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