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Who Told You Donald Trump Was a Monster? And Why?

By Tim Nerenz, Ph.D.

So you are terrified of the monster Trump in your head, are you?

Among the first key appointments to the leadership of his transition team are are woman, gay guy, black guy, woman.

That is what the man did; the monster could not possibly.

His response to Leslie Stahl’s implication that Trump supporters are hunting for marginals to beat up – he looks directly into the camera and says, “stop it.”

Is that what the monster would do?

And when you notice that Trump the man is nothing like the monster who you have been afraid of for so long, you should start to question who it was that made up that scary fiction and put him into your head. I know who did it, but you won’t listen to me.

And once you figure WHO it was, you can start to ponder WHY they did it to you. What was their purpose for scaring you to the point you could not work or study or leave the house?

And when you realize they did it for money, you will come to understand that those people who say they care about you don’t.

They lied to you. They did from the beginning. They don’t care about you and they never have. It’s ok to cry about that.

Trump told you the truth. You may not have liked to hear it, and you may not have liked the way he said it. But he did not lie to you.

You are not afraid of what he said or did; you are afraid of what someone else told you he said or did or will do. You are afraid of the monster they invented and stuck into your head against your will.

That monster disappears when you open your eyes.

First published on Dr. Tim’s Moment Of Clarity Facebook page


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