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Repeal the 26th Amendment?


For all of the hysteria on the left about Donald Trump’s refusal to prematurely accept the results of Tuesday’s election, someone apparently failed to consult with Democrat supporters of Hillary Clinton.  As millennial anarchists and domestic terrorist members of Black Lives Matter (funded by billionaire trouble-maker, George Soros) rip west coast cities to shreds, the media is already beginning to falsely color the Trump administration as racist, oppressive and hypocritical.

The blame for this episode of urban destruction and civil unrest belongs squarely on the heads of the media.  For months, the mainstream media has been telling us that Mrs. Clinton’s victory was assured.  Indeed, even on the night of the election, and despite results to the contrary, media talking heads were declaring that a Clinton landslide win was imminent.  Their own distorted polls certainly indicated that would be the case.  Fortunately for Christians and the American working class, the all-important poll of voters, delivered a different outcome.

Celebrations of Donald Trump’s historic victory are being characterized as “hate,” by our “balanced and unbiased media.”  Fanning the flames of hostility, the “fair and objective media” continues to repeat the baseless Clinton campaign charge of racism against Trump, using the Mexican heritage of La Raza judge, Gonzalo Curiel as prima facie evidence, neglecting La Raza’s militant open-borders policy position.

CBS News’ Scott Pelley wasted no time in accusing Trump of “backpedaling” on his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, simply because Mr. Trump is agreeable to maintaining two of the A.C.A.’s minor provisions.  President-elect Trump has said that he will keep the provision that prohibits denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions and that he supports the continuation of coverage for adult children for an additional two years.  The other 1199 pages of the A.C.A. will have to go.

Already, we are seeing signs that Democrats are preparing to fight.  Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren has vowed to oppose efforts by the Trump administration to repeal the so-called “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” or Dodd-Frank bill.  Democrats will use every outrageous trick, lie, and slanderous allegation to thwart the Trump agenda, as well as some that we haven’t seen before.  As long as Republicans keep focused on the Trump goals and become deaf to the din of media critics, Democrats will not be able to stop them.

The American people have given Republicans control of the House, the Senate and the White House, and now expect Congress to fully and enthusiastically help our new president to achieve his policy initiatives.  Republican leaders must not be fooled into “power-sharing” or making changes to parliamentary procedures in order to demonstrate good will to Democrats.  Liberals will use any kindness offered to them as a weapon to undermine Trump’s goals, as former Congressman Tom DeLay knows too well.

Many of the people I have worked with on the Trump campaign were first-time volunteers.  They saw and felt the destruction that Democrats have inflicted and Republicans have allowed, and they committed themselves to working to end it.  Voters have all had more than they can bear, of self-righteous political correctness and unilateral screeching demands for tolerance and tacit approval of everything except decency and righteousness.

Voters expect Republican leadership to keep all other Republicans in line.  That’s what House and Senate majority leaders are supposed to do–lead, not follow.  The people have demanded that Congress build the wall, repeal Obamacare and cut non-military federal spending.  Republicans must enact the Trump agenda without apology, without excuse, and without delay.

If Republicans drag their feet on these main agenda items, they will be fired.  It’s time for Congressional Republicans to start acting like the majority party, and forfeit efforts to seek the approval of the corrupt media.  Plausible deniability of the mainstream media’s incestuous relationship with the DNC and their contempt for Republicans has vanished.

Donald Trump is not a racist, islamaphobe, homophobe, or any other abhorrent vituperation with which he has been maligned.  These are nothing more than conventional Democrat campaign vilifications which they employ against every Republican political candidate.

In light of the peevish protests, vandalism, rioting, and the need for “grief counseling” that resulted from the inability of student revolutionaries to accept the outcome of last week’s election, perhaps it’s time to repeal the 26th Amendment.  Clearly, these young people do not possess the maturity or wisdom to cast an intelligent vote–neither do they have a direct and significant stake in the process.  These childish protests are the bitter fruit of parental neglect and public education’s abysmal failure.

In the meantime, and especially during Trump’s first 100 days, Christians must remain keenly aware of what Congress does and apply pressure when needed.  Mainstream media will continue its treacherous and blatantly fraudulent reporting of Republican efforts to restore American excellence.  However, the presidential campaign has proven that the influence of the alternative media is growing.

Congressional Republicans are on notice that they must deliver conservative results or get out of the way.  The people who elected Donald Trump are not going away this time.  They want to see the promises manifested.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad!  Religious freedom is secure, at least for now.


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