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Losers Wear Safety Pins


Whine, whine, snivel, snivel…

Now for a brief excursion into Ninnyland.

Liberals just can’t stand it that the people told their candidate, Careless Clinton, to take a hike. How could they? The ungrateful wretched peasants! And so, to register their protest against reality, they have taken to wearing safety pins on their outer clothing.

See, that’s supposed to be a signal to other sissy liberals: “It’s okay, I’m as big a twollop as you are, it’s safe for you to talk to me! You won’t hear anything at all that you don’t want to hear.”

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things: it was your side, your precious crooked Democrats, who recruited thugs and paid them to invade Trump rallies to touch off violent incidents. It’s your side who physically attacks anyone wearing a Trump button or T-shirt. It’s your side that’s doing all the rioting. It’s Democrats that it isn’t safe to be around.

The safety pin nonsense was started by dopes in the UK who are all bent out of shape because regular people voted to secede from the European Union. That makes them all racists, you know. And biggits.

But decades before that, sado-masochists–one of those “minorities” so cherished by liberals–used to wear safety pins so they could recognize a kindred spirit in a crowd.

Well, liberalism is nothing if it’s not masochism.


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