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A Most Dangerous Time and a Reprieve


It’s been an exceptionally wild ride these past few weeks. The nation, indeed the world, has shared a uniquely fascinating and momentous episode in world history with the campaign and election of Donald Trump as our 45th president on November 8th.

For me, the impact of that amazing experience was compounded by the excitement and challenges of my own year-long ministry travels that ended and culminated on November 9th in Springfield, MA with the oral argument on my Motion for Summary Judgment in the Sexual Minorities Uganda v Lively “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit. (I’m frankly very encouraged that we will win a dismissal of the case based upon Judge Ponsor’s comments during the hearing and the obvious failure of SMUG’s lawyers to answer his repeated request for specific examples of my alleged actions that would support their charges. Many thanks to my superb legal team at Liberty Counsel).

Watching the election season from this parallel track has given me a unique perspective on the causes and implications of the Trump victory, and what may come next. (I’m not calling it a surprise victory because I’ve always believed and said privately to friends that Trump would win and by a good margin. In fact, I didn’t even stay up to watch election returns but went to bed early at 7:30PM. My rule of thumb is that whenever there’s a public vote on any culture war issues, always add 5% to the conservative side because the left always cheats in the polling process so their inevitable voter fraud efforts can tip the outcome in their favor in a close race without drawing as much scrutiny. Indeed, I believe Trump’s actual vote total was probably much higher than the “official” count.)

For the past twelve months I have traveled the globe to assess and assist the remarkable world-wide populist/nationalist/conservative movement. I’ve been to more than 25 countries across four continents. I was in England for Brexit and a post-Brexit pro-family conference. I was in Hungary during Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s courageous stand against the invasion of his country by Islamist immigrants (and publicly defended him from an attack by Bill Clinton), and in Romania during a later phase of its national campaign to define marriage as one man and one woman. I was in Canada during it’s government-sponsored “Gay Pride” week. I was in France during one of the recent waves of Moslem street violence, compounded by a transportation strike by the leftists. I personally witnessed the massive presence of Third World immigrants in Holland (outnumbering the native Dutch on the streets of central Rotterdam).

I was very briefly in Turkey, just before the latest police-state crackdown by Erdogan and his chilling invocation of Turkey’s Ottoman heritage as his (implied) guiding vision for the future. I arrived in Italy just after the massive earthquakes that a Catholic priest blamed on “gay unions,” drawing a public rebuke from the Pope who called that view “pre-Christian paganism (but I published an article backing the priest with Biblical sources). Most recently I held a highly effective press conference and seminar in the central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan to expose how the LGBT movement (represented there as in many countries by the US State Department) misuses “human rights” to undermine family values and religious freedom and create special rights for “gays.” Word from my hosts there is that our efforts dramatically boosted the campaign to amend the constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman.

I have chronicled these travels and my observations in a series of articles that may be found on my blog Scott Lively Ministries.

Now some analysis based on these travels and observations.

In my view, the global uprising against the elites is entirely caused by the megalomaniac Barack Obama, backed and advised by George Soros. He began his presidency promising publicly to fundamentally transform America but was also privately determined to transform the entire world. In his arrogance he believed that he could fast-track the globalist agenda and complete it during his term of office and abused his role as the most powerful man in the world to bribe, blackmail, coerce or otherwise force every other world leader conform to his plan. These included EU Kingpin Angela Merkel, who complied, and Vladimir Putin, who refused.

The “Arab Spring” disasters and other “regime-change” debacles such as the US coup in Ukraine, the civilization-shaking “open borders” nightmare in Europe and North America, the humiliating cultural subjugation of countless morally conservative nations to LGBT supremacy, the deliberate alienation of Israel and attempt to oust Netanyahu through election interference, the financial enrichment and nuclear empowerment of Iran, the relaunch of the Cold War and reckless nuclear brinkmanship with Russia, and on and on. These examples are just some of the low-hanging fruit, rotting in place on the tree of Obama’s culpability – the part that average people without special security clearance can see. These examples of ego-driven political over-reach are the cause of the global uprising.

Perhaps we should be thanking Obama for making the frog jump out of the pot, but celebration, even of Brexit and the Trump election, is extremely premature. The world is in an extraordinarily dangerous time now, especially in the period before Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20th. Despite their two major setbacks, the global elites remain enormously powerful and increasingly concerned (even desperate, perhaps) that their control of the world is slipping. Lesser measures having failed them, will they now resort to world war or collapse of the world economy (or both) to justify police state measures and shift public attention away from social and political reforms? Perhaps our only tool to try to prevent such things is to loudly and publicly broadcast our suspicions that they’re plotting to do them.

(If it’s war, my guess is China rather than Russia would be their foil, given the encouraging and very public rapprochement of Trump and Putin. And the elites could more easily blame the conflict on Trump given his criticisms of China and its response during the campaign.)

God willing, our new movement will survive the inauguration of President Trump and give “we the people” a real opportunity to help him “drain the swamp.” In any case, now is the time for diligence, not complacency. The real work has only just begun, and there are powerful forces determined that we shall not succeed.

God has given us a reprieve. Let us be worthy of it.


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