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This Time, It’s Personnel: Who Will Trump Pick for His Cabinet?


If you think your to-do list is long, you should see Donald Trump’s! The president-elect won’t spend long celebrating his historic upset between now and January 20, when he’s sworn in as the unlikely successor to Barack Obama. With about 70 days between now and his inauguration, the Trump camp has the enormous task of assembling a team to help him bring the change to D.C. he promised. That means picking a cabinet and hiring another 4,000 people to staff the government’s 15 departments. And these aren’t your average bureaucrats. These are the men and women who’ll be implementing the laws and writing the regulations to carry them out. (Imagine an administration upholding the law, instead of trampling it!)

As new presidents find out: Winning the White House is one thing; managing an entire administration is quite another. Fortunately, he’ll have solid conservatives around him to do it. We know that for a fact because FRC’s Ken Blackwell is one of them! Yesterday, the former Mayor of Cincinnati, U.N. Ambassador, and Ohio Secretary of State was tapped to lead Donald Trump’s domestic transition team. Ken, who has one of the most diverse backgrounds in the conservative movement, was not just picked for his experience, but because Donald Trump recognizes the importance of Christian conservatives and their role in delivering the White House into Republican hands.

As he starts unraveling the policies of the last eight years, Trump is making it clear that he has no plans to abandon the religious base that made up about half of his support. As our good friend Dr. Bill Bennett said Wednesday, “Now is the time to shake the Earth. Anything is possible.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is taking Trump’s victory so well. A generation of young liberals is showing the world where eight years of anti-American indoctrination leads. On college campuses like American University, Old Glory went up in flames as high-ranking officials’ looked on with support. Gail Hanson, one of AU’s vice president, condoned the display saying the school was “very protective of the freedom of expression.” Other colleges postponed exams, held “cry ins,” and even gave away playdough to cope with the “emotional distress.” At Tufts University, leaders even offered therapy dogs to comfort Clinton fans. Thousands of other angry people took over the streets in major cities, burning flags, looting, vandalizing property, and setting things on fire. Carrying signs like “Not my president!” protestors marched through city streets, shouting profanity, disrupting traffic, and inciting enough violence to call in the police.

I must have missed the Christians’ riots in 2012 when the most pro-abortion, faith-hostile president in history was reelected to a second term. Obviously, what we’re seeing are the children of lawlessness, spawned by eight years of a lawless administration. Honestly, if God-fearing, Constitution-respecting voters hadn’t intervened on Tuesday to stop Hillary Clinton, we would have continued down this reckless path — which, as we’re seeing, leads to all kinds of chaos. Thanks to these students, the nation is seeing the important work we must start to do to hold accountable the Left’s taxpayer-funded anti-American assembly line: the college campus. Of course, I recognize that in this great nation of ours, universities are free to teach what they want — including attacking American ideals and undermining the very republic that guarantees their freedom to do so. But it shouldn’t be done with money from the very government they seek to destroy!


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