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Trump Towers


Once again, the polls were incorrect, revealing pollsters sometimes ask the wrong people the wrong questions.
I was wrong to doubt a Trump victory in the face of the Democrat juggernaut, saying all along a Clinton victory was likely unless she was indicted.
Well, the FBI back and forth hurt her as well as the revelations from WikiLeaks, but I think in the end the majority of people concluded they were fed up with elites of whatever color or gender, they were furious over being talked down to and manipulated, and they decided Clinton was simply unfit, corrupt and unreliable.  I must admit the vote is a repudiation of most things Obama, and that is very pleasing, giving us a chance to repair the damage, which will take years.
Trump was shrewd in catering to the rust belt, and one cannot take anything from him in his ability to inspire and motivate people.  It remains to be seen if Trump will endeavor to be a President of all the people.
He deserves full support and cooperation if only because we face horrific problems that must be solved fairly quickly if they are to be solved at all.  He has Congress and hopefully coalitions and cooperation will commence after eight years of rancorous gridlock and fighting.
I hope he keeps his word and nominates originalists to the Court, trusting he will, and I fully expect him to rebuild our military and intelligence capabilities so they can operate to keep the peace.  I trust Mr. Trump will effectively deal with illegal immigration and related security troubles.  And if he can get government out of our way, we will rebuild this economy ourselves.
We should all pray for Mr. Trump and those who will work with him, including Mike Pence of course, a man who brought much of this electoral success.
In the end, Americanism is being given a shot at revival, and it is heartening to see there are still enough people in this country who care about our traditions and support them!


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