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Congratulations America: The Consequences of Trump’s Win


Wow. Incredible. He won. Congratulations America.

And as a soon-to-be former president once put it: “Elections have consequences.”

Babies can be saved. Taxes can be reduced. Wars can be averted. Borders can be patrolled. Islamist terror can be defeated. Jobs can be created. Religious freedom can be protected. Judges and justices can be appointed to uphold the Constitution. Guns can be bought and owned.

For all my brothers and sisters in Christ who for reasons of Trump’s character (or lack of it) and for reasons of his bad behavior (plenty of it) couldn’t get themselves to vote for The Donald, there’s one thing I didn’t hear much from them during the campaign. Despite their obvious devotion to lofty Christian ideals, I heard almost none of them speak about forgiveness and redemption.

As Christians, that’s odd. They had no difficulty pointing out Trump’s failings, of which there are many. But they seemed incapable of forgiving him, even after his apologies (of which admittedly there were too few).

Hardly ever did I hear from these holier-than-thou believers a discussion of the possibility of Trump’s redemption. It’s almost as if they believed him incapable of change. Incapable of shedding that old man of crude, rude and thuggish behavior and incapable of putting on that new man that the Apostle Paul wrote about. Go figure.

Of course, they, like the polls, and like the media, and like the Democrats, and like so many Republicans, and like countless professional politicos never really thought there was a ghost of a chance Donald Trump would win.

Yours truly admits to more than a tad of the same pessimism, so there was plenty skepticism to go around. After all, in my view, one of the advantages of voting for Trump rather than for Clinton is that Trump can be impeached if he commits a high crime or misdemeanor, which certainly remains a possibility. Both parties in Congress would love to be rid of this man who has so shaken their establishment. Clinton could never have been impeached. Democrats wouldn’t stand for it.

But now, incredibly (that word seems oh so apropos), things that previously hadn’t risen above the reality of political talking points now are on the verge of becoming real reality.

It’s actually likely that the ninth Supreme Court justice will be a bona fide conservative, likely to be pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-small, limited government. Not only that, but the next two or three appointments to the high court as well. Not only that, but hundreds of appointments to federal judgeships over the next four or eight years. (Obama appointed more than 300 leftists to the bench during his terms.) Trump has promised, and even listed his top candidates.

It’s actually likely that countless “pen and phone” edicts that circumvented congressional approval and constitutional restraints can be repealed with every bit the ease that Obama wrote them into existence, erasing horrendously burdensome regulations and costs for American industry. Trump has promised to.

It’s actually likely that the disaster signature health care “reform” that bears Barack Obama’s name will be entirely replaced with a consumer-oriented alternative that will be affordable in fact, not just in make-believe. Imagine premiums actually being reduced while markets actually flourish with heretofore prohibited, unfettered competition.

It’s actually likely (OK, not real likely) we can be rid of some of the sewer variety “celebrities” who vowed to leave the country if Trump won. Tuesday’s vote was a huge rejection of the foul, indecent culture that has been shoved down Americans’ throats while those doing the shoving mocked and ridiculed people with a normal understanding of the difference between good and evil.

These and more actual likely transformations are possible – and promised – under a Donald Trump presidency. They are staggering in number and scope. This is an actual basis for hope for change.

Here’s an actuality that until Tuesday night seemed all but inconceivable. We will be through with Hillary Clinton. Done with her shrill, complaining voice. No longer subject to her threatened Saul Alinsky tactics to bring about world government, borderless nations and massive redistribution of wealth and income.

Hillary will be reduced to just another crime story in the news as a Trump Justice Department can pursue what an Obama Justice Department clearly was uninterested in pursuing. She will see her influence and power completely evaporate, as nations, corporations and wheelers and dealers realize she no longer can deliver special treatment in exchange for cash. She has sent and received her last Top Secret email.

Hillary’s own political party is likely to viciously turn on her for letting them down and handing the presidency to a television personality. The Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren factions will scramble for control of a new, even more leftist Democratic Party, as the party’s few remaining centrists roll up in fetal positions with no champion for their moderation.

Hillary was the impetus for yours truly finally supporting (not endorsing) Trump. As bad as he seemed, he clearly was the only way to prevent election of a proven crook and congenital liar, eager to see babies murdered in the womb and every sexual depravity exalted – while profiting at the nation’s expense.

Stopping Hillary was a high and noble accomplishment. While it was preeminent among the goals of a potential Trump victory, in the wake of Tuesday’s shocking reality, it now is clearly just the beginning of so many good things.

We now can enjoy not just the solitary benefit of being rid of Hillary Clinton. Now there are almost uncountable benefits of actual good things that can be achieved by the Trump administration working with a Republican House and Senate. Who could have imagined even as votes began to be counted?

I’ve written many times that our depraved nation deserves God’s judgment, and we may yet receive it. But clearly our God believes in forgiveness and redemption. He seems to have graciously given the United States another chance. 2 Chronicles 7:14 comes to mind.

I’m guessing Trump will be more gracious than I would be in his position. When he steps on the platform in January to be sworn in as president of the United States, I don’t think I could refrain from saying loud enough for Barack Obama to hear, “I won. Elections have consequences.” Touché.


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