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Joel Rosenberg Explains His Reversal on Trump

CBN’s Middle East Bureau chief Chris Mitchell recently sat down with author Joel Rosenberg to talk about his recent decision to turn from a “Never Trumper” to vocal Trump advocate.

“I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Trump would lose the primaries” Rosenberg said.

He was especially turned off by the Republican candidate when the 2005 Access Hollywood video showing Trump making lewd comments about women surfaced.

“When the horribly vulgar video came out a few weeks ago I had hoped that he’d step aside” he added.

Rosenberg says it was the FBI’s second investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal that gave him a fresh look on the election.

“I think she needs to be stopped” said Rosenberg. “I don’t know if she will be, but she needs to be.”

The author says what helped win his vote was Trump’s decision to bring Mike Pence on to the ticket.

Although Rosenberg now pledges his loyalty to Donald Trump, he warns a Trump presidency will not be one without many problems.

“We are going to have to work our way through a Trump presidency. If he wins there will be many challenges,” he said.

A bigger concern Rosenberg has is the immense division among evangelicals over how to cast their vote.

“I’m concerned that the evangelicals have turned on each other in an unloving, unbiblical way,” he said. “What we’re watching is a battle of internal convictions”

Whatever happens Tuesday, Rosenberg has a simple message for the American people.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen but either way we need to brace for impact.”

Report via CBN News


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