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Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Christians, in America It’s Not Politics or God — It’s Both


I’ve been a never-Trumper, and I was a Ted Cruz backer from Day 1. But I voted for Trump because Clinton is a brand of evil that makes Trump look like a Boy Scout.

I’m bothered by my brothers and sisters in Christ who somehow feel a vote for Trump is unacceptable, despite Hillary’s evil.

What bothers the most is the argument that “We can’t make America a Christian nation through politics.”

It’s a criticism that attacks a straw man. Of course, no one will be brought to Christ by the ballot box or by new laws or even by abolishing evil laws.

But the idea that praying for and witnessing to unbelievers that they might come to Christ is an either-or choice with politics is just plain false.

Trump will not enable the murder of babies, as will Hillary. Trump is much more likely to protect the right to practice religious beliefs, while Hillary promises to infringe on that right. Those are just for starters.

It’s true that electing people who will do less evil won’t bring the masses to Christ. But it can prevent mass murder and mass persecution for believers.

It’s not an either-or choice. It’s not politics or God. It is, and should be, both.

Voting for godly men can result in a nation’s laws being more good than bad, accommodating good while suppressing evil. Acting as if the vote in and of itself is contrary to Christianity is simply wrong.

Acting as if not voting for the more decent candidate is meaningless ignores what government can do – it can suppress evil and punish evil doers. And you’ll find that to be government’s marching orders in Romans 13.

Opting out because the choices aren’t as agreeable as they could be simply accommodates evil and ignores the biblical mandate for government.

If a hands-off approach to this election makes sense to you, then why not have all Christians simply withdraw from participating in society and abolish all laws that restrain evil? Anarchy will ensue.

Then you’ll see what opting out achieves.

This is a fallen world and no candidate is god on earth. Not even the best of them. But some candidates are vastly better than others, and some vastly worse. And the election of one or the other has consequences.


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