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Media ‘Journalists’ Working for Hillary


WikiLeaks recently revealed the names of Hillary Clinton campaign operatives who masquerade as news reporters and “journalists” in the mainline media. These individuals were approached early in the campaign by Clinton crony John Podesta and solicited to help reiterate the campaign narrative.

Anyone with the slightest aptitude for critical thinking can easily see their fingerprints in the so-called, news coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. The people on this list are not even good at what they do. For example, last weekend, no less than 16 media people spun the Clinton narrative the same way, even using the same words.

When asked about the impact the re-opened F.B.I. investigation would have on Clinton’s performance, nearly all of the mainline media hacks said that the scandal was “baked-in” to the polls, “baked into the cake,” or “baked” into the public’s perception of Hillary Clinton as having honesty issues. Even a schoolchild knows enough to rephrase a plagiarized statement in order to cover his crime.

These are the Democrat political hacks that are bringing you unbiased news reports each day and the organizations they represent.

  • ABC News – Diane Sawyer
  • ABC News – Jon Karl
  • Bloomberg – Mark Halperin
  • CBS News – Vicki Gordon
  • CNN – David Chalian
  • CNN – Jeff Zeleny
  • CNN – Kate Bolduan
  • CNN – Sam Feist
  • GPG – Mike Feldman
  • MORE – Betsy Fischer Martin
  • MSNBC – Beth Fouhy
  • MSNBC – Rachel Maddow
  • NBC News – Savannah Guthrie
  • NYTimes – Amy Chozik
  • NYTimes – Jonathan Martin
  • NYTimes – Pat Healy
  • POLITICO – Glenn Thrush
  • VICE – Alyssa Mastromonaco
  • ABC News – Cecilia Vega
  • ABC News – George Stephanopoulos
  • Bloomberg – John Heilman
  • CBS News – Norah O’Donnell
  • CNN – Brianna Keilar
  • CNN – Gloria Borger
  • CNN – John Berman
  • CNN – Mark Preston
  • Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich
  • Huffington Post – Whitney Snyder
  • MSNBC – Alex Wagner
  • MSNBC – Phil Griffin
  • MSNBC – Rachel Racusen
  • New Yorker – Ryan Liza
  • NYTimes – Gail Collins
  • NYTimes – Maggie Haberman
  • PEOPLE – Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
  • POLITICO – Mike Allen
  • VOX – Jon Allen

The following mainstream reporters were invited to a different secret dinner at Podesta’s home:

  • ABC News – Liz Kreutz
  • Associated Press – Ken Thomas
  • AURN – April Ryan
  • Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
  • CNBC – John Harwood
  • Huffington Post – Amanda Terkel
  • LATimes – Evan Handler
  • MSNBC –Anita Kumar
  • National Journal – Emily Schultheis
  • NPR – Tamara Keith
  • Politico – Annie Karni
  • Reuters – Amanda Becker
  • Associated Press – Julie Pace
  • Associated Press – Lisa Lerer
  • Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
  • CBS News – Steve Chaggaris
  • CNN – Dan Merica
  • LATimes – Mike Memoli
  • McClatchy – Anita Kumar
  • MSNBC -Alex Seitz-Wald
  • NBC News – Mark Murray
  • The Hill – Amie Parnes
  • Politico – Beth Fouhy

There is certainly nothing wrong with journalists and reporters enjoying the hospitality of any private citizen. But when the express purpose of the lavish dinners is actually a quid pro quo to garner support for a dishonest and corrupt political nincompoop like Hillary Clinton and these same journalists pretend that they are objective and unbiased, their already questionable credibility, instantly evaporates.

With more media outlets controlled by fewer people and corporations, it’s essential that viewers, readers and listeners know when they are getting information from sources that have close ties to the object of their reporting. WikiLeaks has done America a great service by releasing this information. There is a clear and coordinated case of conflict of interest here, and media outlets have called into question, everything that they report.

The incestuous relationship between the Democrat party and the media is not new. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the news networks ran updates for two weeks in an attempt to show that President George W. Bush was not doing enough for the victims in an effort to portray him as an uncaring racist. In contrast, there was very little news coverage of the flooding in Baton Rouge or the fact that President Obama delayed surveying the damage until his golfing vacation was concluded.

Likewise, the mainstream media did not report about Operation Fast and Furious, Obama’s illegal immigration executive orders or the ransom payments to Iran until other sources forced them to. Not to worry, though, as soon as the next Republican president is elected, the media will return to the business of plotting to ruin him with incessant distorted and malignant reports and mischaracterization of his every word and deed.

Like Democrat politicians, the mainstream media has also betrayed the trust of the American people. For this reason, the networks are becoming more and more irrelevant for many of us. While the collusion between the DNC and the media has gone on for decades, the WikiLeaks release demonstrates just how widespread is the contempt that many insiders harbor toward the “everyday American.” Caveat Emptor!


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