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Climate Change Gang Sinks to New Low


I’ve always considered it the nadir of decency to try to win a political argument by roping children into it. I hated it when I was a reporter. Teachers want a raise: they trot out the kiddies to plead for it. Politicians want to raise your taxes: “It’s for the children.” Disgusting.

Now the Global Warming mongers at the Weather Channel are exhorting children to nag their parents about “Climate Change.” Notice they want the kiddies to warn mommy and daddy that Man-Made Climate Change “could be very catastrophic.” Is there such a thing as slightly catastrophic?

They’ve even got a poster for the li’l ones, that reads, “Climate Change is real, it’s bad, and it’s caused by humans.” It’s not real, such “climate change” as there is in nature is caused by natural forces which no government, no matter how big, can control, and if you’re stuck living in the Sahara, maybe a little change in the climate might be welcome.

They also seek to equip the kiddies with such gems of unanswerable wisdom as “This year [plug in any year] was the hottest year on record,” and, of course, the meaningless and incredible pseudo-statistic, “97% of scientists” believe in Man-Made Global Warming and we’re all gonna die unless the gubmint gets a lot bigger and a lot more power in a hurry, blah-blah.

We note in passing that John Coleman, one of the founders of the Weather Channel, calls Man-Made Climate Change “baloney.”

Well, there you have it. Liberals can’t win arguments by employing reason, let alone facts: for them, there are only politically useful pseudo-facts. Also known as lies. But when all else fails, they can bring on The Children. And anyone who doesn’t buy what those liberals are selling is against The Children, boo, hiss!

God must be really, really mad at us, to allow us to be lorded over by such slimy people.

I pray that we’ll repent with all our hearts, and that then He’ll forgive us and get rid of them.


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