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Chief Justice Roy Moore Has Been Punished for Doing The Right Thing

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Chief Justice Roy Moore has been put through the wringer in this case for doing the right thing. He didn’t do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical. And yet he’s been removed from the bench. Liberty Counsel continues to represent him, to bring justice back to Alabama, and to the Chief Justice.

Mat Staver: Chief Justice Roy Moore has been elected by the people twice as the Chief Justice of the state of Alabama. He has served the people well. He did a four page administrative order in January 2016, and I encourage anyone to read it. There is nothing illegal in that order. There is nothing immoral in that order. There is nothing unethical in that order.

and therefore there should have never been a charge against him. But he faced a charge. He got removed from the bench. And then the Court of the Judiciary violated its own rules when they didn’t have nine votes to remove him, and they removed him anyway, under a different name.

They suspended him for the rest of his term without pay…



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