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Gay ‘Marriage’: A Hero in Alabama


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore built his career on loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and to God’s Constitution, the Bible, and it has cost him his job — twice.

At the behest of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, the Judicial Inquiry Commission suspended Moore Friday for upholding the U.S. Constitution against gay “marriage.”

The same commission had removed him from office 13 years ago over a Ten Commandments monument. Left-wing activists wanted the monument removed from the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore defended its stay. And he was chastised and removed.

Why cannot a Ten Commandments monument remain in a state court when the federal Supreme Court has an image of Moses carrying Ten Commandments engraved in its façade? This is a powerful reminder, left by past Americans, that the United States was not founded on an Islamic, Buddhist, esoteric, atheistic, humanistic or homosexualist foundation. Its foundation is the Bible and its laws, especially the Ten Commandments.

Moore is a West Point graduate who loves to recite from memory long passages of the Bible and many U.S. historical documents that defend the Bible.

There is no inconsistency between the Bible and the U.S. Constitution, overwhelmingly drafted by men who read and lived by the Bible. All of them did not believe in gay “marriage.”

There is total inconsistency between gay “marriage” and the U.S. Constitution, because its framers had in mind the well-being of their families and nation, not the advancement of the gay ideology.

Last year, on defiance of the Ten Commandments embraced by the U.S. Constitution framers, the U.S. Supreme Court imposed gay “marriage” on the United States. Moore chose not to defy the U.S. Constitution and especially the moral and spiritual foundation of its framers.

He passionately embraces conservatism. He reacted when Facebook launched an app called “Let’s Celebrate Pride,” which allowed users to overlay an image of the homosexual rainbow over their profile picture. The Facebook celebration was in honor of the U.S. Supreme Court decision creating gay “marriage.”

The strongest resistance came from conservative Russians, as reported by me in my article “Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda,” published in Barbwire.

As a good conservative, Justice Moore spread my article on his Facebook profile. His message was clear: He was against the pro-sodomy judicial activism from the U.S. Supreme Court. He was supportive of the Russian resistance to this activism and to the Facebook celebration.

His resistance to gay “marriage” imposed by the Supreme Court cost him his job.

No one was surprised when a Christian lost his job in the Soviet Union. After all, the Soviet government was communist and officially atheistic. It was expected to persecute Christians.

Yet, the U.S. Supreme Court was founded to respect officially the Ten Commandments, not the gay ideology, atheism, etc.

The United States was founded to respect the Ten Commandments, not the gay ideology.

Moore was removed from his job for respecting the Ten Commandments, not the gay ideology. He was removed not in the Soviet Union, but in the United States, which is theoretically the most Protestant nation in the world.

How did the United States come to begin treating Christians as the Soviet Union did to them?

The Soviet Union was defeated for its anti-Christian atheism. But Sodom, which promoted sodomy, including gay “marriage,” was totally destroyed.

With Moore’s suspension, the message is clear: The modern U.S. has no moral and spiritual connection to its Founders and no American judge is allowed to challenge the law of the land. And this law is gay “marriage.”

In a statement, Moore called his suspension “a politically motivated effort by radical homosexual and transgender groups to remove me as chief justice of the Supreme Court because of outspoken opposition to their immoral agenda.”

Moore gave his Christian testimony. And the Ten Commandments in the U.S. Supreme Court façade are also a powerful testimony against gay “marriage.” At its own peril, the United States is imitating the Soviet Union and Sodom.

With information from the Associated Press.

Portuguese version of this article: “Casamento” gay: Um herói no Alabama


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